Collective Edition - ZZZ's - USA - JAPAN

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

Exclusive Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

K14 Interview Series : ZZZ's

The triple Z encounter! What on earth does ZZZ's stand for? I'm not talking about initials only.

"Z" is the existing last alphabet letter and it looks like a sign. It
is our favorite one.

"ZZZ's" also means "sleep". On the other hand, "sleep" means "death" from the reality world. Don't you think it resembles our music?

How did you form this band?

We leave this up to your imagination. We were there. Some gears were
there. Sessions were there. That's all.

Your songs are very cinematic - consisting of sounds engaged in visual aesthetics.
Are you also aiming on a Niche in the field of story telling?

When we give a sound and make music, at first we always talk about a scene and the atmosphere; which is the psychological condition that music creates. That is what will also make a sound cinematic.

We guess so. Everybody can create their own world from what they hear.

Which member of the band escalates inspiration into your song writings? Com' on you got to have one member that is the pressure point.

Each song is different. That's Yukary or Youkaku.
But you know we like talking about each philosophy.
Our song writing is always inspired by our sounds and our philosophy.

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

We’re deep in meditation.

Japan is a country of vast rituals. Do you incorporate any Shinto rituals in your life?

Talking of religion, is a taboo in Japan. Young people never talk about
that. Don't you think that's boring?

Some would see you as a relatively young group for having a sustainable rapid success. What methods are evolved in achieving this?

Believing our senses and continuing from there. If we do this, we
obtain the next small key there- by all different means. It's
repetition. It's important to reach out one after the other with our
real hands.

Purely a live instrumental group. Any limitations on electronic sounding productions?

No limitation and we don't hope to use yet. Our instruments are VERY
normal like the ones used by many Rock bands. We keep trying to make abnormal sounds by normal gears. This always makes us so excited. We guess the laptop is still ill-matched on our stage. Just wanna know the limit of normal instruments. That's also our challenge.

Seems you got lucky running into Thurston Moore. What has changed since meeting with the legendary Sonic Youth Guitarist?

The tour to Miami that met him was the tour that was the most intense from our many tours. That was too hard- both mentally and physically.
He showed us however, that the hard experience has brought us a miracle. We were able to find a meaning of standing up to a difficult situation after we met him.
That was the biggest happening for us in 2012.

Times have changed. Music genres are constantly being "invented". Your music is clearly a breed of post punk, but you have induced a sound of new madness! "Dick dale" on various drugs and "Ramones" on E. Do you inhale any not so legal "prescriptions" into your music?

Our prescriptions are for you guys not for us.

Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas - Ok you had to think - we made it! Legendary bands have performed live there. The list is huge to mention all of them. Was your blood pumping before going on stage? Describe to me what thoughts ran into your mind?

Yes. But our stage was ours.
It was not another band's.
ZZZ's on stage.
So, our mind wasn't different from our other shows.
That's "Let us kill brains by burst of noise."

Why Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is cool. That's all.

Your first EP and specifically Dystopia's intro has a Japanese "Shamisen influence" in a weird way I think alternative not kaito. Do you also get inspired by Taiko?

Umnnnn...Actually old Japanese traditional music is beautiful.
Some of them are religious and traditional. We are always interested in
racial music of the world as well as Japan. They bring about a new sense and idea to us.

Widows or black dress code for fashion?

We like black. It shows our will. The black can never be dyed by other colors.
In addition, black has many meanings, and the element of CULT lasts, as well.
Black is the best color for us.

How do you go about your daily activities in Japan?

We're deep in meditation.

I always ask this question: Name me a film you'd wish your life was based upon and why.

That would be "The void".

The life of all people begins in the void and returns to the void again.
We live to look for something insufficient. Something is never enough
in us- at all times- and it will continue this way forever.

There is a meaning to live.

Things you dislike and what annoys you the most?

We guess that's about the money. Money is terrible. Money is essential
to live and it drives people crazy.

Any emphatic dreams?

 Domination of the world by ZZZ's.

Art designing in self promotion is very important. Who's behind your product aesthetics?

Art designing is discussed by us all the time. YOUKAKU is in charge of the work to express all of our art works.

80 performances in half a year! The most disturbing situation you've encounter?

No gear.

What collides in your love life?

We never talk about our love life.
 ZZZ's doesn't need love. Then again, we never sing love songs.

ZZZ's future?

 Nobody knows.

What countries are you dying to visit?


We are expanding further more into the amazing land of Japan. Hey, we might just have to move there!
Bringing to the front a band called ZZZ's!

As an opener, they've given us  an exclusive look into there music and we prepared a special showcase for them to introduce them to the "unknown audience". Only on!
A prophetic dose : Europe get ready!
An all-female trio band that plays shows with live instruments and each one of them is super skilled in their own instrument. One guitar - One drummer and Bass.
The conclusion and exciting dynamic that is an out of this world new age rock music post punk - noise but with sophisticated melodies making their way, into the mayhem they create when the play live. Trust us!

The proof: 80 live shows in a 6 month tour…all in the good old US of A. From  the legendary stage of Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas to SXSW2012, CMJ2012 - the only Japanese band to perform from Japan! Special coverage on The New York Times - Japan Times and MTV. A blend of unorthodox arrangements sounding like Dick Dale on various alcoholic and drug type rhythms - although he never used any, and the Ramones on E plus Nine inch nails on the smoother sides like a romantic trip to Greece.

Hey Don't get fooled! These girls can rock your socks any moment, and can throw any guy band off the stage! You don't want to have them as opening act, but as an act that will ignite the night into fire!

Talking of religion,
is a taboo in Japan. Young people never talk about that.
Don’t you think that’s boring?

We like black. It shows our will.

Domination of the world by ZZZ’s.

The life of all people begins in the void and returns to the void again.

ZZZ’s doesn’t need love.