K11 IS : Stelios Vassiloudis

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Stelios Vassiloudis

An exceptional electronic music Dj and producer in Greece, is Stelios Vassiloudis! With numerous tracks released on prestige labels, Stelios has gained a
 dynamic "voice" input on prolific Bedrock and Dieb Audio. His full length album "It Is What It Is", showcases a whirlpool of top notch electronica! Stelios Vassiloudis travels in every corner of the world, spreading his sounds and powerful Dj sets.We can continue talking endlessly, but let's jump straight to the news! We got an exclusive interview of Stelios Vassiloudis and a mix
set for you,  only on Kyoob.tv! Get ready for a new winter selection. This one should definitely not be missed!

Down to business. You were pursuing a dream-to be in a rock band.
Then, in the blink of an eye, you started producing electronic music. Was this route an "easier" instinct to feeding your desires?

Well, the transition wasn't quite so sudden as a blink of an eye. To be honest, my (then) production partner and I were just experimenting with new equipment and sounds and were lucky enough to get noticed pretty much from the get go. The combination of our modest initial success and the excitement of doing something new pretty much dictated our extended foray into making electronic music.

Rising into a fast pace recognition-connections. Who believed in your talent from the beginning?

I have to give credit to my really good friend Scott Dawson. He "discovered" my music back when he was running Audio Therapy for Dave Seaman and has looked after me and my music ever since. He now does the label management for Bedrock so it's been a very smooth and fruitful partnership.

You have lived in NYC. Describe the differences that exist between the electronic music here (NY) and Athens.

NYC and Athens have a vast amount of differences on many different levels-economic, social, cultural etc and I think that definitely informs most of the differences in electronic music and the industry surrounding it. On the flipside music, in general, is a very global and universal language so I think at the core, there are many similarities to be found as well... It's a very expansive question, I think.

You've spun music all over the world. Name one place you would rather not go again. Why?

I'm a sucker for traveling and I hugely enjoy seeing new places and people. I'm in awe of how many things there are to see and do out there beyond the confines of our own little routines. In that sense, every journey has been an experience and a reward so it's a tough one. However,if I were hard pressed, I'd say going to Siberia in the middle of winter is probably higher on the list of things to try and avoid!

You are a mac "fanatic". Using logic and all the sequencers bind with it- just to get more technical. What is one feature you would love to see added to the program, and are you one of those producers that use limiters while arranging to control headroom?

I tend to leave the majority of my channels pretty dry. I'm not a schooled engineer and I've always concentrated most on composition and arrangement so I'm well aware that any attempts to "fatten things up" or make an element "more punchy and defined in the mix" is probably going to create serious problems for the person mastering my music. 
As for Logic, I'd really like their audio editing to be a little more "logical" and perhaps they could improve their pitching and tuning processing a little more.

Music genres define scenes and people, especially when rejecting one sound and embracing another. Back and beyond those alternatives, what do you believe is current and what not?

I think I've gotten a little too old and jaded to care or keep track of what is current. Obviously, I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening around me in a professional sense-but as far as what music I make and play, it has to come from the heart. In general, I think good, original music with a soul is timeless. This is an especially important concept as today's listeners are growing increasingly fickle and impatient.

Ideal event you would love to see take place or create.

I'm very proud of my Greek heritage and believe (with as little bias as possible) that I live in one of the most beautiful little corners of the world. I'd really love to see a properly organized event that somehow combined a well balanced selection of music performances with some of our unique scenery.

You have an exclusive set for Kyoob.tv. What makes this one special?

Probably the fact that it's exclusive. I don't really get around to making many of them anymore.

Has love ever "demolished" your musical ambitions temporary?

Oh yes, and it was really unpleasant. I think every guy out there goes through it once-just to keep your ego in check and help you take a few important steps into adulthood. Getting back up and going back to work is a big lesson in my book.

Ever been inspired by a film and immediately draw sounds? if yes, what's that track of yours?

Not as much as one might think, I guess. I'm much more inspired by themes or motifs-or even the cue they are scoring... complete with the whole narrative and emotion they are conveying. On some level, I think I take that away and try to create some alternate musical underpinning-if that makes any sense!

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