K3 IS : Mr.Statik

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Mr.Statik:

Mr.Statik : "Greek people were living a fake opulent life but the most unfortunate thing is that the State was the one to endorse that life style without really caring about the inevitable consequences."

Mr Statik drops on Kyoob.tv with an in depth exclusive interview and mix set!A strong artist hailing from Greece, Mr. Statik has gained an impressive momentum with releases on Bpitch Control and Mo's ferry prod, as well as on other sister sub labels.

He has appeared on Red Bull Music Academy and a number of major festivals, and this summer he will be playing at prestige Berhgain & Panorama bar.

His love for the illustrated graphic novels and fantasy is well driven into his inspirations and his music.

The exclusive mix provided is special and includes upcoming unreleased remix material Sweat!

K 3 Interview Series : Mr.Statik

Having no motion, random radio noise, or forces that balance each other. Define your sound in this context. Replaced C with K in your moniker?

Well I could sound all intellectual claiming that these were my main inspirations ( I guess the middle one kinda was) but It was an eloquent way of using letters from my first and last name and doning a superhero/vigilante persona :)

Mo’s Ferry favorite output for me is fenou. You have released tracks on both Mo Ferry's and Ellen Allien's bpitch control label. Is it the abstraction of pop elements, combined with techno and house that you find intriguing on Mo's ferry prod or the mainly tech house pumping abstraction on Ellen Allien's bpitch control?

Both imprints are known for the sophistication and diversity of their releases, giving room for playing with the boundaries of functionality, I for one was never a fan of doing straight fwd club tools as a producer so i guess I stand in the middle.

Comic freak sounds killer to your bedroom?

Comic freak sounds killer everywhere.

Recording home studios are full of tiny objects that producers consider sacred and good energy. What's yours?

I would say these lil notepads I use to write down ideas, lyrics some times, funny EP/title names so as not to forget.

Top album?

KLF - The White Room

Label owner of bpitch control Ellen Allien is a fashion lover. Are you a fashion lover?

Well I certainly have a fondness towards fashion, or a specific aesthetic in general. I keep trying to sit down and work on some designs for some time now, I used to sketch a lot in the past and it's finally time to revisit that.

Most awkward club moment?

Well there have been some goofy ones but the most recent one to remember was this guy who was so over his head that kept coming to the booth asking me for ice cubes for his gin.

What sound fits perfect in your pocket?

My Lego Darth Vader keychain.

You have had numerous gigs, Panorama bar in The Berghain Nightclub Building is coming up; which has a really strong reputation on various issues and strict policy. Does this make you consider yourself as an established tech - house aficionado? -

Definitely not. A. Established and aficionado are really strong words. B. I don't consider myself a tech house artist :)

Let's just say that I have been blessed with people's confidence on my skills and hopefully I made em proud.

What does the Statik hold for Mr. in the near future?

Well I've worked on a bunch of fresh material (both original/rmxing), some interesting collaborations are on the way(such as the ones with Sasha Perera of Jahcoozi fame and local talent/buddy Lee Burton) plus a slower more cinematic direction which will probably be a new side project. I feel very inspired again right now, its the crisis I guess, it forces u to explore your frustration.

You have an exclusive mix for kyoob.tv. Love the sound! Tell your fans a few words about it.

In a nutshell I would call it future dub. Its just the current mood that I really enjoy, something that u can enjoy at home, or at a sweaty club in the morning hours, it includes music from labels and artists I really dig at the moment, plus a reeeally deep and upcoming remix from yours truly.

Lets spin the clock a few years back when you were studying political science in Greece. How would you say today’s culture in Athens has changed since then?

Well today's culture is forced to change in a really abrupt (and uneven) manner. In many ways there are definitely things that should have been done, Greek people were living a fake opulent life but the most unfortunate thing is that the State was the one to endorse that life style without really caring about the inevitable consequences. The saddest thing is that 6-7 years ago when I was still at the university, everybody saw this situation coming but no one acted upon it for fear of the political cost.

Is Athens the next Berlin?

Haha, not really! It has all the potential to become something like that, lots of things are slowly changing, new artistic directions/collectives emerging but there's so much to be done. And the first of all is that the politicians acknowledge the fact that the only way right now to push fwd is to let the younger minds breath and advance, there's some much untapped potential in this city - it needs to explode (in the proper way).

Love _____?


Sketch your life in a few words…

A so far endless roller coaster of achieving happiness and disappointment, maybe its a Sagittarius thing.

The exclusive mix provided is special and includes upcoming unreleased remix material.


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