Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Marilena Kondou 

I love the naked human body, I love my naked body.
I was, am and will be comfortable in such situation.

Our next interview on is with an eccentric and ambitious woman from Athens - Marilena Kondou. Marilena Kondou is not only working on the latest vintage trends out there, but is also investing her time and passion on her own creations of new vintage trends, which are mainly inspired by American and Italian styles. The colors she uses will drive you to new love affairs and magical holidays. To find out more about her, we are here with an exclusive interview! Check it out!

K13 Interview Series : Marilena Kondou

Assuming you are a woman of the meadow opposite. What field grows your passions?

Watching the opposite meadows while trying to enrich my sensations-passions, I travel with my mind in unfamiliar places, always with a common denominator: music. Music gives me pleasure, makes me forget and sorry and match, makes me design, write, makes me fall in love.. It makes me live! On the opposite meadow when the wind is silent, melodies sound..

You model on occasion - more often on DIY basis. What has made you abandon the agency approach?

Modeling mellows! Initially, at least. By the time you're young and strangers, people from model agencies catch you on the street, it makes you think “Wow, there's got to be something special about me..!”
I never chased that, I was not impassioned with that and quite frankly, I was afraid of rejection. I'm still afraid of rejection, never got over it..

Your clothing style is a blend of colorful and more vintage textures and I would say a blend of American and Italian embellishments. What inspires you from the American culture?

Italy was my inspiration as a child. It still is! My father, warm enthusiast of the Italian culture and fan.
Allen Delon encouraged me to watch his films and dress up with paisley scarves I was stealing from my mother's chic closet. However, even as I was growing up, all that became love for a place I've never
visited but I daily live in, through my music influences; Manhattan, Brooklyn, the 80's.. High - waisted shorts, loose-fitting jackets, soul-disco-garage music, fantasizing myself as a part of this culture.

"Love will find its way" -  one of your quotes. Are you hard to get?

I am a very fussy person.. I acknowledge it! I've got so many flaws, I'm trying to accept and I won't stop.  I'll keep on...Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky, as I have a few  people in my life that really love me. While growing up, luckily enough as well, new entries keep coming to my life. Few though are special. Hardly am I being loved and hardly do I love, but it does happen you know...

Pop up stores is a mainstream attitude approach that many independent artists are currently taking on.

I believe pop-up stores is a trend to get by with the Greek economical crisis, wherein everything is suspended and unpredictable. You don't know where you 're going to be in a few months, but you're gonna be somewhere, aren't you? That's what we do as well! We support Eleven Souls pop-up store, putting on our

Are you considering opening one in the future?

You never know! Why not?

Who is your favorite designer?

Currently, I would say VJ.JS Lee and Margaret Howell stand for my taste

What aspect of modeling you consider in taking a lesser approach in wearing clothes. If nudity is aesthetics and sophistication - would you be comfortable in a situation such this?

My relationship with “the elegant nudity” is excellent. I love the naked human body, I love my naked body. I was, am and will be comfortable in such situation.

Are scissor knives handy?

I'm clumsy! When I get to cut something I get it wrong! That always challenges me, though! Some despair and some fantasy make me slyly smile, in the end!

Name a film which from beginning to end made you say "Wow! I wish the world would dress like that"

Paul Schrader's American Gigolo!

Your favorite season?

I enjoy the summers, but I love the winters!

Which city would you love to visit and why?

Right now, LA- USA! It's about time to attend a Harvey's Sarcastic
Disco party, at last!

Fashion, music and film are a love triangle. Pick one for each category that would blend into perfection - as your fashion statement.

One-piece swimsuits, a Michel Legrand's composition and Plein
Soleil by René Clément.

One thing you love doing during the day.

So many things, indeed! Well, I really enjoy my walks on the