K1 IS : Ladydust

Interview and photography by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Ladydust :

Right off the bat, how do you define the dust behind the lady?

That’s a really significant question. Well, the dust behind the lady is actually defined as the chaos of all those feelings created by the music result in the Ladydust dj sets or the effect of ‘planet ladydust’ broadcast in our souls.

Your vision towards a catharsis?

Another important issue. Ladydust is not only defined by the code of music, but is also related to an ultimate vision of breaking inherited human stereotypes. This is why the ‘freedom against gravity’ tagline, in the official ‘’ website, taking gravity (in its symbolic meaning) as the ultimate frontier. You could take this as my personal vision towards a catharsis-yes.

After listening to your last radio show for the first time last year on planet ladydust I found it uniquely satisfying. Was it your focus on cinema that you had to cancel the radio show?

Well, cinema definitely requires a lot of focus, but what made me actually cancel the show (in the fm) was the political corruption of the greek radio carriers which were hosting it. It is generally difficult to be doing such stuff in a country where smaller or bigger interests are only ruling the scenery almost behind everything,including art.

What makes you feel good?

What definitely makes me feel good are my friends and noticing good motives in people around.

Anything you learned about yourself collaborating with the director of the short film Denousa? Describe your experience.

(laughing) I learned or maybe ‘verified’ the fact that things in life are not only happening as a result of our efforts on a specific theme, but as a general result of our whole lifetime inner motives & visions. I say this cause I think this is what happened with this particular project ’denousa’.

How do you envision originality?

Originality is the shape of those motives again that I mentioned before. For me, it’s also that specific field which is in time & in a mathematically correct way, the actual source of justice in our lives & therefore ‘connects the dots’ in the whole process.

There are tremendous changes happening in the art scene of Athens...What would you say is "dying" and what is "thriving"?

There are tremendous changes indeed in Greece right now, not only in the art scene, almost everywhere. But I do not believe that all this folk domestic culture will disappear in a magical way- this wouldn’t be my ultimate dream, as many might wrongly guess. For me ‘aesthetics’ anyway, is not something το be so much criticized, as long as it doesn’t reflect on a wrong mentality in stuff. The problem of course here, is that it does in most cases, at least as far as I can notice. Music and art generally are supposed to be things that ‘stand alone’, yet we have to admit, that this is not the case and it’s a fact, standing everywhere & in all historical periods.T hey are often deeply connected with the people’s outlook on the world, therefore they also stand as a ‘shelter’. What I am saying is, that if I had to choose, I’d rather wish to make the wrong theories vanish, behind a trash culture, not the code itself, which for me is just another form of ‘expression’ no matter if I like it or not. Now, as for whatever cool comes more from the international scenery in art & struggles for its ‘place’ in this land, I think there’s still a lot of time & road ahead, before it can really get incorporated in the local market, not to mention the local minds. Greeks are kind of xenophobic in those matters.Taking as an example the rock n’roll field (in its broader meaning of course) even if some few here can give ‘credits’ in its code, still even fewer of them will be able to conceive & use it a true lifestyle & heart pattern & not as a ‘public relations’ cooler attitude, if you know what I mean.

You have created an exclusive radio mix only for
In a few words, what would you like to tell your audience about it?

Well, this radio mix is based on music & playlists of ‘Planet Ladydust’ broadcast & has a lot of references on the latest psychedelic –electronic scene of New York too.Talking about bands like ‘Zaza’,’The Former Ghosts’ etc.There are also references in nu –gaze, post rock & other ‘species’.

One place other than Greece?

A place other than ‘Greece’..the whole world. Could be anywhere, but ok, having obviously strong preference in places with music & cinema industry. That’s for me though. For Ladydust, the only place is ..her ‘planet’!

Yeah, thanks a lot for the nice interview too.