K9 IS : K.Atou

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with K.atou

"One thing I detest these days is those “300 copies limited releases” that is bullshit. The label should say that they can only afford to release 300 copies and that’s what they should do. All this “limited crap” makes me get bored and I don’t even bother to listen to these records."

Femme - fatale K.atou lights international dance floors on fire!A distinguished Dj figure both in Athens Greece and abroad, K. atou brings in some heavy load of inspirational music, sharpening the boundaries of the electronic spectrum.

Femme-fatale due to killer Dj sets or musical sexiness?

I love musical sexiness. It’s what gives energy to the dance floor these days –the ladies like it too and when you got the ladies dancing then you got a party - but you can’t always play sexy. Sometimes, you need to go to other territories where you still maintain the groove though, so I hope this characterizes my killer dj sets from times to times.

K.atou is a frequent visitor to the US. Are you a travel lover or is there a particular inspiration that drives you towards this one destination?

I love playing in USA and both the crowd and the scene there are a lot of fun and always inspiring- on each and every trip. Throughout the years I have bonded with many people from the US, through music, and we managed to get deeper relationships. The crowd is also inspiring in the way they react to what you play. You get some real feedback of what’s going on.

How do you manage to keep yourself into the ever-growing electronic columns despite the occasional breaks?

I try to wire only essential information and stuff I do: the new mixes I have if and when, some gigs that are planned or parties I organize occasionally. Our “job” is to play the right music for the people to dance- and that’s it. I am tired to see titles all over the place such as as “this guy got the decoration for this party” or “this guy is GOING to sit in the studio to make a new album that might be released I don’t even know where.” I like to move with facts (mixes/gigs) and very basic stuff. The rest is too much information. I don’t know why they keep me in the ever-growing columns despite the breaks. You tell me.

What elements of change would you consider throwing to ameliorate “the "suffering club scene” in Athens?

More clubs, lower entrance fees in the big clubs, as well as an essential research for new talents to bring to the city, that maintain low fees but also broaden the audience experience and knowledge. Im sick and tired of the same names coming to big clubs. But, I can’t say the scene is suffering entirely. It definitely needs some work, like taking advantage of the wonderful weather and having nice parties in the summer, open air, boat parties etc.. I find it ridiculous for Berlin to so easily organize boat parties for so many years now, and we can't do this due to bureaucracy or I don’t even know what other reason.

Influence your audience into having a record from K.atou. Name me three descriptions.

Occasionally sexy, groovy and ideally dark.

A bit off our topic…Tzatziki is your favorite appetizer. Don't ask me who has revealed this to me. What strong flavors would you add to your next LP?

Pepper which is strong, and garlic because it's sexy.

You are getting ready to tour in the US. Are you expecting to be challenged on the stage? What tool is essential in order to stand out?

There is no specific tool, but if you wanna name it like this I would say my “tool” is a really good preparation for the gigs coming up; a lot of research and getting to know my music before I get there, as well as searching for gems that people will love and will remember after I leave. Due to a demanding schedule and different sets and times of all parties, I need to study the occasion before I get there. I can’t play the same music at night or day time at an open air or club location. I have been searching and getting new music all month long now, just to make sure I got what it takes to satisfy the crowd.

What cuisine are you dying to taste again as you enter the heaven of American culture?

EVERYTHING. Taco Bell, Arbys, Wendys,Chipotle,Steak n Shake, then Mexican, bbq like only Americans know how to do, crab sandwiches, whiskey sausages, bbq ribs, smoked meat …drink mimosas, bud light and Vernors. I can write for ever if you let me.

Do love partners understand your part in creativity? What is you ideal solution or explanation when they don't?

Yes, they do understand usually. Yes… I have received some stupid dilemmas in the past like “the music or me”, but my partner not only understands what I’m doing but also “pushes” my creativity even more these days.

One album you consider underrated?

Gemini – In Neutral ... More people should listen carefully to the majesty of Gemini and also Pony Playstation by Pantytec. Each and every one should have a copy of these two.

What is your opinion on substances affecting the electronic music environment?

There are substances affecting any music environment. There are substances I am sure in the mpouzoukia, or other music scenes.,/p>

The best moment of your musical career?

A gig I had in Detroit in May 2008 for Girls Gone Vinyl party where the crowd embarrassed me. We had a connection that has lasted for many years now. A girl in tears came hugged me and thanked me. That was priceless. It was a great set, great mood, great sound.. Everything was magical.

Sale driven LP's are limited even when a record is a master-piece.Due to their passions, certain labels continue productions within their ideas. Is this a "business disaster"?

Im a vinyl lover and and I don’t believe vinyl is a “declined format” at all actually. As tool for djs more and more djs go back to vinyl; at least many djs I know from my circle. I not only buy records to dj in vinyl format, but this one past year I have been buying tons of records in vinyl, for my home listening pleasure and I much prefer them like that. Now, as far the labels concerned, I support any label that releases in vinyl BUT the past years I have seen many labels releasing tracks that are non sense and are not timeless, that eventually of course will have sales decline. The labels must be really careful on what they press on vinyl in order to maintain their sales and not release just because they want to release a vinyl or because they have the money to do so, but because the piece of music they are putting on those records is something that you can hear and play the year after and the year after giving it the best sound quality this media offers you. One thing I detest these days is those “300 copies limited releases” that is bullshit. The label should say that they can only afford to release 300 copies and that’s what they should do. All this “limited crap” makes me get bored and I don’t even bother to listen to these records."

What is your current project setting?

Im a lazy Greek. It takes me ages to do things. I am gonna work for a track for www.orila.net a DIY label from Athens that I have a special connection, and I’ll try to make more creative things when temperatures allow, like stay in and work on music.

Kyoob is film inspired. Describe a scene from a movie that you wish was part of your life.

I would like to be at the back secret room of Dirty Dancing where all the employees were dancing so sexy and sweaty each night.

Exclusive mix you have prepared for us! Tell us a bit about it.

It’s a story.. I tend to tell stories when I make a mix.. Hope you like my story this time.

EP5 - K9 IS - K.atou by Kyoob Label on Mixcloud