Collective Edition - ZZZ's - USA - JAPAN

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

Exclusive Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

K14 Interview Series : ZZZ's

The triple Z encounter! What on earth does ZZZ's stand for? I'm not talking about initials only.

"Z" is the existing last alphabet letter and it looks like a sign. It
is our favorite one.

"ZZZ's" also means "sleep". On the other hand, "sleep" means "death" from the reality world. Don't you think it resembles our music?

How did you form this band?

We leave this up to your imagination. We were there. Some gears were
there. Sessions were there. That's all.

Your songs are very cinematic - consisting of sounds engaged in visual aesthetics.
Are you also aiming on a Niche in the field of story telling?

When we give a sound and make music, at first we always talk about a scene and the atmosphere; which is the psychological condition that music creates. That is what will also make a sound cinematic.

We guess so. Everybody can create their own world from what they hear.

Which member of the band escalates inspiration into your song writings? Com' on you got to have one member that is the pressure point.

Each song is different. That's Yukary or Youkaku.
But you know we like talking about each philosophy.
Our song writing is always inspired by our sounds and our philosophy.

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster, Styling by Dorothy Darker

We’re deep in meditation.

Japan is a country of vast rituals. Do you incorporate any Shinto rituals in your life?

Talking of religion, is a taboo in Japan. Young people never talk about
that. Don't you think that's boring?

Some would see you as a relatively young group for having a sustainable rapid success. What methods are evolved in achieving this?

Believing our senses and continuing from there. If we do this, we
obtain the next small key there- by all different means. It's
repetition. It's important to reach out one after the other with our
real hands.

Purely a live instrumental group. Any limitations on electronic sounding productions?

No limitation and we don't hope to use yet. Our instruments are VERY
normal like the ones used by many Rock bands. We keep trying to make abnormal sounds by normal gears. This always makes us so excited. We guess the laptop is still ill-matched on our stage. Just wanna know the limit of normal instruments. That's also our challenge.

Seems you got lucky running into Thurston Moore. What has changed since meeting with the legendary Sonic Youth Guitarist?

The tour to Miami that met him was the tour that was the most intense from our many tours. That was too hard- both mentally and physically.
He showed us however, that the hard experience has brought us a miracle. We were able to find a meaning of standing up to a difficult situation after we met him.
That was the biggest happening for us in 2012.

Times have changed. Music genres are constantly being "invented". Your music is clearly a breed of post punk, but you have induced a sound of new madness! "Dick dale" on various drugs and "Ramones" on E. Do you inhale any not so legal "prescriptions" into your music?

Our prescriptions are for you guys not for us.

Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas - Ok you had to think - we made it! Legendary bands have performed live there. The list is huge to mention all of them. Was your blood pumping before going on stage? Describe to me what thoughts ran into your mind?

Yes. But our stage was ours.
It was not another band's.
ZZZ's on stage.
So, our mind wasn't different from our other shows.
That's "Let us kill brains by burst of noise."

Why Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is cool. That's all.

Your first EP and specifically Dystopia's intro has a Japanese "Shamisen influence" in a weird way I think alternative not kaito. Do you also get inspired by Taiko?

Umnnnn...Actually old Japanese traditional music is beautiful.
Some of them are religious and traditional. We are always interested in
racial music of the world as well as Japan. They bring about a new sense and idea to us.

Widows or black dress code for fashion?

We like black. It shows our will. The black can never be dyed by other colors.
In addition, black has many meanings, and the element of CULT lasts, as well.
Black is the best color for us.

How do you go about your daily activities in Japan?

We're deep in meditation.

I always ask this question: Name me a film you'd wish your life was based upon and why.

That would be "The void".

The life of all people begins in the void and returns to the void again.
We live to look for something insufficient. Something is never enough
in us- at all times- and it will continue this way forever.

There is a meaning to live.

Things you dislike and what annoys you the most?

We guess that's about the money. Money is terrible. Money is essential
to live and it drives people crazy.

Any emphatic dreams?

 Domination of the world by ZZZ's.

Art designing in self promotion is very important. Who's behind your product aesthetics?

Art designing is discussed by us all the time. YOUKAKU is in charge of the work to express all of our art works.

80 performances in half a year! The most disturbing situation you've encounter?

No gear.

What collides in your love life?

We never talk about our love life.
 ZZZ's doesn't need love. Then again, we never sing love songs.

ZZZ's future?

 Nobody knows.

What countries are you dying to visit?


We are expanding further more into the amazing land of Japan. Hey, we might just have to move there!
Bringing to the front a band called ZZZ's!

As an opener, they've given us  an exclusive look into there music and we prepared a special showcase for them to introduce them to the "unknown audience". Only on Kyoob.tv!
A prophetic dose : Europe get ready!
An all-female trio band that plays shows with live instruments and each one of them is super skilled in their own instrument. One guitar - One drummer and Bass.
The conclusion and exciting dynamic that is an out of this world new age rock music post punk - noise but with sophisticated melodies making their way, into the mayhem they create when the play live. Trust us!

The proof: 80 live shows in a 6 month tour…all in the good old US of A. From  the legendary stage of Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas to SXSW2012, CMJ2012 - the only Japanese band to perform from Japan! Special coverage on The New York Times - Japan Times and MTV. A blend of unorthodox arrangements sounding like Dick Dale on various alcoholic and drug type rhythms - although he never used any, and the Ramones on E plus Nine inch nails on the smoother sides like a romantic trip to Greece.

Hey Don't get fooled! These girls can rock your socks any moment, and can throw any guy band off the stage! You don't want to have them as opening act, but as an act that will ignite the night into fire!

Talking of religion,
is a taboo in Japan. Young people never talk about that.
Don’t you think that’s boring?

We like black. It shows our will.

Domination of the world by ZZZ’s.

The life of all people begins in the void and returns to the void again.

ZZZ’s doesn’t need love.



K10 IS : group A

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with group A 

We are super excited to have on board group A! So to get to know them just a little bit better, we have an exclusive interview with them...They hail from Tokyo, Japan and are a new avant-garde experimental music group.Their performances are often highlighted with body paint, broken things, flowers, picture frames, lights, collaboration with gala studios and much more. In addition, as if this is not breathtaking enough in their music, they accompany the incredible element of the violin and the synthesizer with mysterious lyrics. This fiery group is restless in their live shows and to prove this they gig nonstop, back to back shows in Tokyo, from famous clubs to gala studios.

Is group A equivalent to the love of zero?

What’s the love of zero?

Tokyo may be the most extraordinary city in the world! You manage to perform there on a regular basis. What is one major component of design you "exhale" as a band into your creative ever-growing live performances?

You would probably find Tokyo extraordinary if you were an outsider. We grew up here, and have been living here for the most of our lives. We hardly find it exciting or inspirational. Japan is a small island. People are very narrow-minded and so wrapped up in their fixed ideas. They can only live as everybody else does. And we’re fed up with it. That’s why we both moved to London as soon as we finished school. After a few years we came back and saw nothing was changed, nothing was going on. We were missing something. And that’s how we started group A. It was a result of us being too bored and tired of this dull city we were unlucky enough to live in. We are exhaling our anger.

What has inspired this madness of avant-garde blow out experimental pop sound with half nude, full body painted performances?

T) We never had the idea of performing in clothes from the very beginning. We don’t find it particularly outrageous to be half naked on stage. It would be unnatural for us to put clothes on. We listen to different types of music. I am most into late 70s to 80s’ post punk, new wave, industrial and electronic music from all era. Sayaka is into acid folk, experimental music and other stuff that I don’t really know about. And our experiment is to put all that into one big ball and mix up till it sounds like nothing else. We are both big avant-garde/abstruct art lovers, especially from early 20th century such as dada, Russian avant-garde and surrealism. Perhaps our art works are mostly inspired by them.

How did you form the band and how did you come up with the name group A?

It was all by fortunate accident. We had a drink together for the first time one night and soon we became a group. Like a stray cat finally found a home. Who wouldn't form a group when they find a person willing to collaborate in this nonsense who plays instruments half naked? We call us "group" because we are an art group, not a band. A stands for avant-garde, abstract and abnormal.

What is the self process of individual song writing? What comes first- the violin or the synthesizer?

T) I come up with bass line with synth, and Sayaka plays her violin on top of it. We try different arrangements for a few hours and record all of it, and we pick up and gather the interesting bits from it.

Are both members of group A soul thieves? Do you get inspired by each other by diving into each other's personal dimensions?

If we didn’t inspire each other then we would never be a group.We bring different skills and knowledge and are learning a lot from each other. We respect each other's taste of music, art and other things. We also share the fundamental sense of what's right and wrong.

Violin and synthesizers never abandon your recordings. How did this come about?

We didn’t mind using any instruments if it wasn’t a guitar or drums. Sayaka had a violin and I had just bought my first synth when we formed. We didn’t know any bands that use violin and synth so we decided to go with them.

What collaborations with gala studios is group A engaging at the moment?

We throw a party called “CLUB Antoine” at Echo in Shibuya every 3rd Monday every month which we dj and also perform with guest djs and bands. We show an old surrealism film and play avant-garde, experimental music from all era.

When a Japanese bride is ready to wed, they paint their body white. A reference to the legend suggests that it hides their " horns of jealousy". What hidden secret does your band hold?

We have no secrets. We are very honest to the audience.

How do you go about your daily activities in your city. Describe me a 12 to 12 routine?

T) Study visual design at my college, exhibition or gallery for some inspiration, a noise session with Sayaka then hang out in Shibuya.S)Awake at 35℃, stuck on an overload train, bump into people in a middle of the scramble crossing, pints with friends, lay down at the car park, count the stars over the head with Tommi.

What is your connection with London?

Both of us have lived there for a few years. We both worked as fashion designer/patterner’s assistant at the different companies. London is like our second home and we have a great connection to musicians/djs/artists over there. London is full of inspirations to us and we are hoping to move back again.

If you got the opportunity to be filmed, what characters from your favorite cult movie would you love to reenact or add on in a movie scene?

T) I would love to be in one of Richard Kern's no wave underground films playing just myself.S) Never thought I'd be in a film but only If I was a violinist for the soundtrack of L'Etoile de Mer, a B&W short film directed by Man Ray.

Preparing a live gig on your caliber with so much to think ahead of time, design, paint, equipment etc. At the end of a show when everything is "demolished",what do you wish you haven't destroyed?

We used to use bits and bobs we found in the ethnic musical instrument shops or flea markets. They are cheap and very fragile and always broke at the gig. I had a very nice hand made bird whistle and one day it got tipped and broke. We have written a song with it and it was one of our favourite but can’t be played without the bird whistle. Such a shame!

How does Botanic and Tokyo artists name blend into Sayaka and Tommi?

T) 'Tommi from Tokyo'. Sometimes its 'Tommi loves Tokyo' but most of times its 'Tommi hates Tokyo'. S) Greens and flowers always inspire me. Sayaka Botanic was born when I was sitting in a garden and watching slugs racing.

Past and future live shows

Show Dates: 2012 --APRIL '12---------------------------------- 27th @Commune / Olliver's Adventure opening party 28th @高円寺Dom Studio / チャレンジ --MAY '12----------------------------------- 13th @高円寺コネクシオン/青春 --JUNE '12----------------------------------- 2nd @Echo / THE MODERN AGE CLUB 12th @梅田HARDRAIN 13th @心斎橋火影 25th @Echo (Shibuya) 29th @Trump Room / CONTROL --JULY '12----------------------------------- 30th @Echo / group A presents, CLUB Antoine -クラブ・アントワーヌ- 31st @浅草橋天才算数塾 / Improvisationの夕べ --AUGUST '12-------------------------------- 17th @KATA GALLERY / Bunny Bissoux "Power Pink Magic" Opening Party 20th @Echo/group A presents, CLUB Antoine -クラブ・アントワーヌ-vol.2 --SEPTEMBER '12------------------------------ 7th @Echo / SEXBEAT 'n TKO (CANCELLED) 16th @高円寺Dom Studio / チャレンジ!2012 17th @Echo / CLUB Antoine -クラブ・アントワーヌ-vol.3 22th @尼崎deepa (with ZZZ's) 23rd @梅田HARDRAIN 30th @幡ヶ谷 Forest Limit --OCTOBER '12------------------------------- 5th @三軒茶屋Heaven's Door "AND MONEY" with Day&Buffalo 29th @下北沢THREE ( Details will be up soon) --NOVEMBER '12------------------------------ 17th @KATA Gallery

_mg_0463 copy.JPG

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Marilena Kondou 

I love the naked human body, I love my naked body.
I was, am and will be comfortable in such situation.

Our next interview on Kyoob.tv is with an eccentric and ambitious woman from Athens - Marilena Kondou. Marilena Kondou is not only working on the latest vintage trends out there, but is also investing her time and passion on her own creations of new vintage trends, which are mainly inspired by American and Italian styles. The colors she uses will drive you to new love affairs and magical holidays. To find out more about her, we are here with an exclusive interview! Check it out!

K13 Interview Series : Marilena Kondou

Assuming you are a woman of the meadow opposite. What field grows your passions?

Watching the opposite meadows while trying to enrich my sensations-passions, I travel with my mind in unfamiliar places, always with a common denominator: music. Music gives me pleasure, makes me forget and sorry and match, makes me design, write, makes me fall in love.. It makes me live! On the opposite meadow when the wind is silent, melodies sound..

You model on occasion - more often on DIY basis. What has made you abandon the agency approach?

Modeling mellows! Initially, at least. By the time you're young and strangers, people from model agencies catch you on the street, it makes you think “Wow, there's got to be something special about me..!”
I never chased that, I was not impassioned with that and quite frankly, I was afraid of rejection. I'm still afraid of rejection, never got over it..

Your clothing style is a blend of colorful and more vintage textures and I would say a blend of American and Italian embellishments. What inspires you from the American culture?

Italy was my inspiration as a child. It still is! My father, warm enthusiast of the Italian culture and fan.
Allen Delon encouraged me to watch his films and dress up with paisley scarves I was stealing from my mother's chic closet. However, even as I was growing up, all that became love for a place I've never
visited but I daily live in, through my music influences; Manhattan, Brooklyn, the 80's.. High - waisted shorts, loose-fitting jackets, soul-disco-garage music, fantasizing myself as a part of this culture.

"Love will find its way" -  one of your quotes. Are you hard to get?

I am a very fussy person.. I acknowledge it! I've got so many flaws, I'm trying to accept and I won't stop.  I'll keep on...Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky, as I have a few  people in my life that really love me. While growing up, luckily enough as well, new entries keep coming to my life. Few though are special. Hardly am I being loved and hardly do I love, but it does happen you know...

Pop up stores is a mainstream attitude approach that many independent artists are currently taking on.

I believe pop-up stores is a trend to get by with the Greek economical crisis, wherein everything is suspended and unpredictable. You don't know where you 're going to be in a few months, but you're gonna be somewhere, aren't you? That's what we do as well! We support Eleven Souls pop-up store, putting on our

Are you considering opening one in the future?

You never know! Why not?

Who is your favorite designer?

Currently, I would say VJ.JS Lee and Margaret Howell stand for my taste

What aspect of modeling you consider in taking a lesser approach in wearing clothes. If nudity is aesthetics and sophistication - would you be comfortable in a situation such this?

My relationship with “the elegant nudity” is excellent. I love the naked human body, I love my naked body. I was, am and will be comfortable in such situation.

Are scissor knives handy?

I'm clumsy! When I get to cut something I get it wrong! That always challenges me, though! Some despair and some fantasy make me slyly smile, in the end!

Name a film which from beginning to end made you say "Wow! I wish the world would dress like that"

Paul Schrader's American Gigolo!

Your favorite season?

I enjoy the summers, but I love the winters!

Which city would you love to visit and why?

Right now, LA- USA! It's about time to attend a Harvey's Sarcastic
Disco party, at last!

Fashion, music and film are a love triangle. Pick one for each category that would blend into perfection - as your fashion statement.

One-piece swimsuits, a Michel Legrand's composition and Plein
Soleil by René Clément.

One thing you love doing during the day.

So many things, indeed! Well, I really enjoy my walks on the

Collection Design by Pan Venetsano

Collection Design by Pan Venetsano

This edition is a special one! Exclusive raw original production live mix session comes from the guy behind the new label Kyoob.tv. Unlike most Dj mix sets, this one is designed on the notion of artistic intuition to create a momentous set on the spot. It's based solely on the foundation of creative free style sound-design in live production and uses original new created sounds. Stylistically speaking it's not defined into a genre, but rather an atmospheric journey to a new abstract electronic music. Enjoy!

α μέχρι ζ

* Equipment in activity  - Roland Juno 60 - Tascam -  M - Audio MIDI - MAC -  Focusrite - Sculpture *

  30 : 30 MS - PLAY TIME

Ilaria Pozzi by Gabriele Rigon.jpg

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Ilaria Pozzi

“I like the Greek goddess of chaos Eris and the Roman goddess Fortuna…. but I think with Isis originally from an Egyptian cult, she’s the goddess of moon, magic and love!”


llaria Pozzi is a top alternative model who uses her body as an art form to display a renaissance of blissful colors. She has appeared on very selective world known magazines and has worked with some of the greatest photo artists in the modeling industry. Currently, she is also working at a unique micro dermal piercing studio in Italy.

I got in touch with Ilaria for an exclusive one-on-one in depth interview, as she is very selective with whom she chooses to be interviewed.

K 6 Interview Series : Ilaria Pozzi


Ilaria Pozzi is a visual body artist who displays playful fine art that tingles the viewer’s blissful sensations through amazing photo synthesis. Anything I got wrong here?

Nothing… I agree!

Are the images created by the needle engravings and ink spirals into the blood stream customized from your inner feelings as a form of expression?

Yes it’s a form of expression, I’m glad that it’s my job but not always i can express myself like I want.. but I try to do it every day.

You inked your skin for the first time at the tender age of 14. What was the design and what was the reaction of your parents at the time?

Was a decoration on my belly.My parents were quiet because it was pretty small.

What is the philosophy you engage into your daily life?

Try to do what you like and be happy with what you have.

Do you have any secret rituals you perform before entering the doors of a tattoo artist’s parlor?

A cup of milk and coffee (Italian caffe latte) at the closest bar.

Do you get any unpredictable offers that might annoy you?

Ahahahhahah… this message from a guy on FB.

Sembra che tu sia sempre più pornoromantica - Are you?

Yes… Everywhere!

Tell me more about just pierced skin?

It’s my piercer portfolio, pics of piercings or microdermals that I did.

Flower power and the Lady of Mystery. Do you co- exist on these tag lines?

Both?? Yes…why not?

The Romans adopted tattooing from the Greeks and their women were fascinated by the idea as exotic beauty. Which goddess would you identify with and why?

I like the greek goddess of chaos Eris and the roman goddess Fortuna….but I think with Isis originally from an egyptian cult, she’s the goddess of moon, magic and love!

Would you ever film an erotic featurette?

Yes,of course private.

How much effect did your studies have on your work?

I think some, I did artistic studies and I started to draw naked statues at the age of 14 and naked people at 16, so maybe I try to see over in the photos of nudes.

Love is essential, what is the most important factor in your love life?

Respect, trust, fun…and good sex.

How do you overcome fears?

Laughing about them.

Most bizarre moment in your modeling career?

Many, recently I shoot with a snake and a parrot and you can imagine what can happened with the animals but I think the best is at the shootings or videos made outdoor, sometimes the people around saw me doing strange things, with a strange style or with not many clothes and they go crazy!

Seems like all the women you admire are dead… Who’s alive?


Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo…beviamo ai tempi divertenti!


Photography by Fulvio Maiani, Gabriele Rigon, Giorgia Borneto, Marco Onofri, Iloveyouwhenyousmile



K5 IS : Evangelia Christakou

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Evangelia Christakou :

"I like the light and I like the darkness. Darkness feeds my soul and the light feeds by mind"

Evangelia Christakou resides in London where she pursues a career in performing art. She has showcased her work in many known festivals in Europe. Her love for visual arts and the unknown are also present in her aura and her demonstration of illusive picture frames on screen.

K 4 Interview Series : Evangelia Christakou

Diving into darkness to expose an umbrella of light?

I like the light and I like the darkness. Darkness feeds my soul and the light feeds by mind. I find the image of a light bursting into the darkness quite intriguing.

In combining different art forms do you absorb waves of inspiration from an inexplicable force of nature or through a secret pumping source of personal experiences?

The secret source you mention is always essential to my work. It might sound sadist but I do like to “manipulate” my audience emotionally and so I tend to relive, in an indirect way, personal experiences on stage in order to communicate that emotion. The emotional waves I generate in that way are stronger. The experimental nature of my performances and films is the outcome from the formulation of random images in my head through personal experience, usually “dark” ones. Nature, the human body, movement, sound, passion are the triggers.

Sexual and ritualistic themes embody some of your work. What feeds your desires?

The need to discover the unknown which pops out from the subconscious.

Contemporary arts have been using religious subjects lately to pin point opposition in beliefs. Do you find freedom in expression as a gold plate for artists or a non linear way to expand on personal recognition with the use of taboo material?

There are many trends you can follow in art making and especially in live performance and film. If there is a genuine need to explore a taboo area then one should not hesitate. Eventually, it will show in the work whether this expression really comes from within.

As an artist you have performed in a number of well known festivals. Which one of these festivals would you say was a "whisper of happiness"? Which one made you say, "Here I am. Why?"

Good question. I tend to judge the outcome of an experience. You never know what response you will receive from the audience. So far I have never felt awkward performing somewhere. Each and every one of the experiences was 100% satisfactory.

Nudism is the absolute expression of the human body. What provokes your thoughts before a performance show?

Personally, I find that movement is the absolute expression of the human body. Movement combined with nudism is...beyond absolute! If you are asking right before the show, nothing specifically. I tend to indulge in the presence of other people, the audience.

Romanesque designs with neopagan elements seem to be identified in your works. Is that a natural approach to your personal tastes or a developed idea from your London years?

The ritual and spiritual have always been in the centre of my imagination, stimulation, emotion and expression...I find them compelling. I suppose that I have adopted a particular energy throughout my childhood years. My homeland, Crete, is a rather stimulating place of unbelievable nature, beauty and history. I always remember that some of the first images to penetrate my mind and imagination were those of the frescos from the Minoan civilization... They were emitting a strange sense of sensuality and class.

Lola's bad is a collaborated project. What's the dose of creative shots you spill in this band?

It is interesting that you ask this. I am not a musician, I am a performer and I think that my contribution to this band lies on the communication of an essence, a feeling. Bat, the fellow band member in this duet, has mentioned that he enjoys working with me because I bring the chaos to the melodies he writes. I personally believe that I bring the emotion and the vision free from convention.

Do Greeks seem to identify positive elements in provocative arts shows? How about in your shows?

The Greek audience loves provocative shows. But I also think that there is a strong bias in the Greek audience, each spectator for his own reasons, but it is there. I am happy to say that I have unexpectedly received a rather positive feedback in my shows despite the fact that they are very experimental and sometimes provocative.

With discipline follows structural formula to a focus matter. In what way do you challenge yourself beyond disciplinary ideology? I don’t possess any disciplinary ideology. I don’t like to follow rules when I create art. I have a vision and I will work towards it intuitively and with everything I got. Mixed media performance gives you that freedom.

Aldous Huxley's book "Heaven and Hell" has an excerpt that "meditates" on the thought that lack of nutrients can enhance the experience of visions. What is the vision you ultimately see for the future of your career?

“I'm afraid of losing my obscurity. Genuineness only thrives in the dark. Like celery.” ― Aldous Huxley

Name all the things you want in one sentence.

God and devil on a seesaw.

Mp 7-SAT.jpg

K12 IS : Martin Patiño

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Martin Patiño

Our dynamic and exclusive interview series continues!

Added to its force is Martin Patino (Cadenza - MBF)
We examined his artistic approach to producing, life background and his club grooviness in his Dj sets and he has prepared for us an exclusive top mix full of dance attitude!

Dim the lights and get ready to sweat.

None of the tracks I play live have the same instruments of the originals. Some of them do not have an original, and I mainly prefer randomness and incident, rather than perfection during my show.

Describe to me your journey to Berlin via Peru.

I wasn't born in Peru and I didn't live there. I was born and raised in Italy, in a small town called Reggio Emilia. But, my mother is from Peru, and so is a part of the family, which moved to Italy; so musically the influence was strong enough to make me feel somehow musically South American. Berlin has been a chance connected to my studies, so in 2008, I began studying in Potsdam; a university near Berlin.

Any scary stories about the factory dorm that you live in?

I live in a "normal" house my friend:) My studio is in an old building bought, your probably mean that. Nothing scary, sorry:)

As you mentioned in your interview, you incorporate sexual themes
into your tracks. How so?

Because I feel sex is a powerful drive for human being, and taking it as a fuel for productivity it's somehow like getting inspired from the need of food. It's so basic that emotions come out in a powerful way.

Instrumental arrangements in electronic music is not always bounded
by structural placement. How often do you get lucky in getting tracks
to sound just right?

Hard to answer. Right and wrong are given by taste and musical background. Something really cheesy, basic and boring might sound right to inexperienced listeners, while complex creations might sound like unorganized noise. So I guess for my ears, every track sounds good, as they represent my musical need, experience, taste and satisfaction.

Do you believe that club tracks should be formulated for specific sounds and people?

I believe that every club track is a combination of different parameters, and every parameter has a personal value to the listener. Which means, everyone enjoys each track in a different way, even if the result might be similar. So yes, some club tracks can be formulated for specific groups of people, resulting in a similar effect. At the same time, an artist should feel free to explore his musical interest. Music is also business and there is nothing wrong in preparing something for a specific group.

Do upcoming releases highlight your persistence in achieving your goals?

Sure they do. My goals are parallel to the development of my career, artistic-wise and business-wise.

Describe the exclusive mix set you've prepared for Kyoob.tv.

This mix set is mainly done for the club. Most of the track I'm playing out are here; tighter with some tunes I'd like people to hear, even if not intended for every dance floor.

What turns you off with bookings?

People thinking that what I do is not a job, that don’t consider the time and money spent producing music an investment; Fortunately, they are hard to find, at least until now.

The process of a live set is sub-central to producing. Is it consisted 100% of a track you've already mastered or do you blend ideas on the spot?

None of the tracks I play live have the same instruments of the originals. Some of them do not have an original, and I mainly prefer randomness and incident, rather than perfection during my show. That's the reason why I also play with random objects that I find in the city I'm called to play.

What comical activity you think is overrated in the electronic music scene?

I feel everything is balanced. I can't say David Guetta is overrated, because people pay for him.

JM_KYOOB.TV copy.jpg

K7 IS : Jon McMillion

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Jon McMillion

"I just do what I feel. I’m not so concerned with charts or trends, never really have been.There are too many “tracks” out there that sound the same. I don’t want to contribute there."

Seattle based world class musician Jon Mcmillion needs no introduction, but to get the "heat wave of sounds" he has prepared for us, here is a brief description. Wig Water Magic (retired), Vision works II, or else known as Mike ready 2013 has released music on top class record labels. His latest and first full length album, self titled Jon Mcmillion LP on NuEarth Kitchen released via Kompakt, was rated 8 out of 10 on a lengthy print from Pitchfork! Last month, he debuted live at Berlin’s prestige Berghain/Panorama. What he has prepared for us could not have been any more exclusive. Seriously! Crafted and designed for Kyoob, the mix is an hour long raw session titled "Sinking ships". It is an esoteric journey to hypothermia with haunted and blurred out visions- deep and personal.

Jon Mcmillion! No MC spilling lyrics, just a million feelings?

No MC'ing here. But yes, a million feelings for sure.People still ask me if it's my real name. The answer is Yes.

Your father had a major influence on your musical upbringing; both as a Jazz musician and guitarist. What are his thoughts on you going on to producing electronic alienated master pieces?

Well if my Father were still alive, I’m confident he’d be happy with what I’m doing. I know for sure he would have wanted to work on a tune or two together.

Seattle is on the other side of the European electronic music scope and yet your sound has reached a magnificent altitude. How difficult is it to get your message out in your local community?

Great question. After returning back to Seattle from Berlin, I realized that the crowds and the attitude towards music are very different in Berlin. I think that a lot of the German clubs are far more open minded than here. In Seattle there's a lot of Dj's and "Producers" that love the peak time sound and play the most trendiest stuff around. Hey thats cool. But that's not what I'm about and I think people here know that. At the same time I enjoy the luxury of being able to play out anytime I want here. Even though it's not often anymore. People in Seattle are definitely aware of my musical message. But it's for everybody not just Seattle. And of course there are a lot of great musicians here that I really like. A buddy of mine named "Crown Hill Repeater" is making some really cool and inspiring music.

Booked last month at the prestige Panorama Bar has hit a milestone in your heart. Describe your best moment of that night.

That was a magical night, Berghain/Panorama Bar is truly an amazing place. The crowd was fantastic, open minded and full of enthusiasm.There were so many special moments during that long night. However one aspect I’ve been reflecting on was just the amazing vibe of the place, and the professionalism of the staff. Also I had no idea there were so many people out there who knew about my music, and liked it. It was crazy. Huge eye opener.

Daily activity you despise the most?

Hmm, Perhaps it’s the moment when I get off work and I’m too tired to work on music.

As a programmer of various hardware and software, which is the tool you value the most and can't live without?

To be honest tools are tools. I value my imagination, and ingenuity the most.

You have a very special exclusive release ep mix set for Kyoob.tv. What is it all about?

An exploration of song, narrative, and emotion in the form of a Jam session. It's raw. Hopefully folks will find it interesting.

Images transcend into your tracks as a Marion Bauer sonata. Ruthless and raw.Experience is a level also gained by recognition or a talent overshadowed by persistence to succeed in a field crowded by familiar sounds?

I just do what I feel. I’m not so concerned with charts or trends, never really have been. I think producers that are comfortable with being themselves in their productions stand out. There are too many “tracks” out there that sound the same. I don’t want to contribute there.

You lived in Japan. The people in Tokyo love and breathe electronic music.The demographics show a promising working environment. What made you leave?

My time in Japan was brief. I had better income opportunities stateside. But I would love to go there again. That country is very dear to my heart.

How much of an edge did NuEarth Kitchen gain with your presence?

We clearly helped each other. But to be honest Jeremy Grant did all the hard work in getting the label up and going and then all the promotional work. That initial release helped my career and it put NEK on the map. We are family. With NEK I have complete musical freedom. It also helps if the owner of the label is great friend. The whole thing was conceived in my studio one night after a few drinks. We share a common vision for what we think dance music can be.

A man part of different bands - take apart selected aspects of each band and describe in a few words the characteristics of the way each one performs.

Interesting question. The bands I played in were all quite similar. Most of the material was Post-Punk, with some Jazz elements.It's funny you asked this question because recently I got in touch with an old friend that I used to play with and he has some old recordings of us jamming and he's going to get some of them to me. I'm excited and afraid to hear.

Do love relationships annihilates creativity?

Maybe for some. In my experience I've found that the feelings generated from the ups and downs of a relationship can be channeled and used in my creative process.

Favorite Cuisine?

Osaka Style Ton-Katsu Ramen

An insight to your next EP. With what elements are you playing now?

You can expect something that's honest, different and perhaps a little strange.

Growing up in Seattle Washington, were your teenage years affected by the grunge scene, and what moments do you carry with you until now?

During my teenage years I wasn't so much into the grunge scene. During that period of my life I grew up 3.5 hours east of Seattle in a city called Pasco. I had a close group of friends who were all music lovers. We were much more interested with groups like The Fall, Swell Maps, and east coast Hip Hop. The grunge craze did sweep through our town, but there was much more of a Hardcore punk thing going on there. But speaking on grunge, I'll say that I was a fan of Mudhoney. They introduced me to Electro Harmonix. The moments I carry with my now are that those guys are all still good friends. We keep in touch quite often. They know who they are.

Who do you admire the most?

In a musical sense I really admire Haruomi Hosono. Uwe Schmidt is also a massive inspiration for me. Old Cosmic Disco records are a huge source of inspiration and idea's for me as well.However on a personal level I admire my mother the most

An artist you would love to collaborate with.

Hmm, never really thought about it much. Right now I'm involved in a project with Konstantin Gabbro. He was the co-founder of Orac Records. Great friend, and an amazing producer. The fruits of our labor should be out to market sometime early next year. As for a dream collab I'd have to say working with Hosono would be at the top of my list.

What is the next big thing in your eyes?

I've got a crazy e.p. called "Free Love" coming out on NEK in a month or so by a new alias of mine called "Vision Works II". Next I've got work to resume with my collab with Konstantin, and beyond that a few shows, and completion of the next JM LP.

EP3 - K7 IS - Jon McMillion by Kyoob Label on Mixcloud

MRSTATIK_MG_2615 copy.jpg

K3 IS : Mr.Statik

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Mr.Statik:

Mr.Statik : "Greek people were living a fake opulent life but the most unfortunate thing is that the State was the one to endorse that life style without really caring about the inevitable consequences."

Mr Statik drops on Kyoob.tv with an in depth exclusive interview and mix set!A strong artist hailing from Greece, Mr. Statik has gained an impressive momentum with releases on Bpitch Control and Mo's ferry prod, as well as on other sister sub labels.

He has appeared on Red Bull Music Academy and a number of major festivals, and this summer he will be playing at prestige Berhgain & Panorama bar.

His love for the illustrated graphic novels and fantasy is well driven into his inspirations and his music.

The exclusive mix provided is special and includes upcoming unreleased remix material Sweat!

K 3 Interview Series : Mr.Statik

Having no motion, random radio noise, or forces that balance each other. Define your sound in this context. Replaced C with K in your moniker?

Well I could sound all intellectual claiming that these were my main inspirations ( I guess the middle one kinda was) but It was an eloquent way of using letters from my first and last name and doning a superhero/vigilante persona :)

Mo’s Ferry favorite output for me is fenou. You have released tracks on both Mo Ferry's and Ellen Allien's bpitch control label. Is it the abstraction of pop elements, combined with techno and house that you find intriguing on Mo's ferry prod or the mainly tech house pumping abstraction on Ellen Allien's bpitch control?

Both imprints are known for the sophistication and diversity of their releases, giving room for playing with the boundaries of functionality, I for one was never a fan of doing straight fwd club tools as a producer so i guess I stand in the middle.

Comic freak sounds killer to your bedroom?

Comic freak sounds killer everywhere.

Recording home studios are full of tiny objects that producers consider sacred and good energy. What's yours?

I would say these lil notepads I use to write down ideas, lyrics some times, funny EP/title names so as not to forget.

Top album?

KLF - The White Room

Label owner of bpitch control Ellen Allien is a fashion lover. Are you a fashion lover?

Well I certainly have a fondness towards fashion, or a specific aesthetic in general. I keep trying to sit down and work on some designs for some time now, I used to sketch a lot in the past and it's finally time to revisit that.

Most awkward club moment?

Well there have been some goofy ones but the most recent one to remember was this guy who was so over his head that kept coming to the booth asking me for ice cubes for his gin.

What sound fits perfect in your pocket?

My Lego Darth Vader keychain.

You have had numerous gigs, Panorama bar in The Berghain Nightclub Building is coming up; which has a really strong reputation on various issues and strict policy. Does this make you consider yourself as an established tech - house aficionado? -

Definitely not. A. Established and aficionado are really strong words. B. I don't consider myself a tech house artist :)

Let's just say that I have been blessed with people's confidence on my skills and hopefully I made em proud.

What does the Statik hold for Mr. in the near future?

Well I've worked on a bunch of fresh material (both original/rmxing), some interesting collaborations are on the way(such as the ones with Sasha Perera of Jahcoozi fame and local talent/buddy Lee Burton) plus a slower more cinematic direction which will probably be a new side project. I feel very inspired again right now, its the crisis I guess, it forces u to explore your frustration.

You have an exclusive mix for kyoob.tv. Love the sound! Tell your fans a few words about it.

In a nutshell I would call it future dub. Its just the current mood that I really enjoy, something that u can enjoy at home, or at a sweaty club in the morning hours, it includes music from labels and artists I really dig at the moment, plus a reeeally deep and upcoming remix from yours truly.

Lets spin the clock a few years back when you were studying political science in Greece. How would you say today’s culture in Athens has changed since then?

Well today's culture is forced to change in a really abrupt (and uneven) manner. In many ways there are definitely things that should have been done, Greek people were living a fake opulent life but the most unfortunate thing is that the State was the one to endorse that life style without really caring about the inevitable consequences. The saddest thing is that 6-7 years ago when I was still at the university, everybody saw this situation coming but no one acted upon it for fear of the political cost.

Is Athens the next Berlin?

Haha, not really! It has all the potential to become something like that, lots of things are slowly changing, new artistic directions/collectives emerging but there's so much to be done. And the first of all is that the politicians acknowledge the fact that the only way right now to push fwd is to let the younger minds breath and advance, there's some much untapped potential in this city - it needs to explode (in the proper way).

Love _____?


Sketch your life in a few words…

A so far endless roller coaster of achieving happiness and disappointment, maybe its a Sagittarius thing.

The exclusive mix provided is special and includes upcoming unreleased remix material.


EP2 - K3 IS - Mr.Statik by Kyoob Label on Mixcloud


K9 IS : K.Atou

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with K.atou

"One thing I detest these days is those “300 copies limited releases” that is bullshit. The label should say that they can only afford to release 300 copies and that’s what they should do. All this “limited crap” makes me get bored and I don’t even bother to listen to these records."

Femme - fatale K.atou lights international dance floors on fire!A distinguished Dj figure both in Athens Greece and abroad, K. atou brings in some heavy load of inspirational music, sharpening the boundaries of the electronic spectrum.

Femme-fatale due to killer Dj sets or musical sexiness?

I love musical sexiness. It’s what gives energy to the dance floor these days –the ladies like it too and when you got the ladies dancing then you got a party - but you can’t always play sexy. Sometimes, you need to go to other territories where you still maintain the groove though, so I hope this characterizes my killer dj sets from times to times.

K.atou is a frequent visitor to the US. Are you a travel lover or is there a particular inspiration that drives you towards this one destination?

I love playing in USA and both the crowd and the scene there are a lot of fun and always inspiring- on each and every trip. Throughout the years I have bonded with many people from the US, through music, and we managed to get deeper relationships. The crowd is also inspiring in the way they react to what you play. You get some real feedback of what’s going on.

How do you manage to keep yourself into the ever-growing electronic columns despite the occasional breaks?

I try to wire only essential information and stuff I do: the new mixes I have if and when, some gigs that are planned or parties I organize occasionally. Our “job” is to play the right music for the people to dance- and that’s it. I am tired to see titles all over the place such as as “this guy got the decoration for this party” or “this guy is GOING to sit in the studio to make a new album that might be released I don’t even know where.” I like to move with facts (mixes/gigs) and very basic stuff. The rest is too much information. I don’t know why they keep me in the ever-growing columns despite the breaks. You tell me.

What elements of change would you consider throwing to ameliorate “the "suffering club scene” in Athens?

More clubs, lower entrance fees in the big clubs, as well as an essential research for new talents to bring to the city, that maintain low fees but also broaden the audience experience and knowledge. Im sick and tired of the same names coming to big clubs. But, I can’t say the scene is suffering entirely. It definitely needs some work, like taking advantage of the wonderful weather and having nice parties in the summer, open air, boat parties etc.. I find it ridiculous for Berlin to so easily organize boat parties for so many years now, and we can't do this due to bureaucracy or I don’t even know what other reason.

Influence your audience into having a record from K.atou. Name me three descriptions.

Occasionally sexy, groovy and ideally dark.

A bit off our topic…Tzatziki is your favorite appetizer. Don't ask me who has revealed this to me. What strong flavors would you add to your next LP?

Pepper which is strong, and garlic because it's sexy.

You are getting ready to tour in the US. Are you expecting to be challenged on the stage? What tool is essential in order to stand out?

There is no specific tool, but if you wanna name it like this I would say my “tool” is a really good preparation for the gigs coming up; a lot of research and getting to know my music before I get there, as well as searching for gems that people will love and will remember after I leave. Due to a demanding schedule and different sets and times of all parties, I need to study the occasion before I get there. I can’t play the same music at night or day time at an open air or club location. I have been searching and getting new music all month long now, just to make sure I got what it takes to satisfy the crowd.

What cuisine are you dying to taste again as you enter the heaven of American culture?

EVERYTHING. Taco Bell, Arbys, Wendys,Chipotle,Steak n Shake, then Mexican, bbq like only Americans know how to do, crab sandwiches, whiskey sausages, bbq ribs, smoked meat …drink mimosas, bud light and Vernors. I can write for ever if you let me.

Do love partners understand your part in creativity? What is you ideal solution or explanation when they don't?

Yes, they do understand usually. Yes… I have received some stupid dilemmas in the past like “the music or me”, but my partner not only understands what I’m doing but also “pushes” my creativity even more these days.

One album you consider underrated?

Gemini – In Neutral ... More people should listen carefully to the majesty of Gemini and also Pony Playstation by Pantytec. Each and every one should have a copy of these two.

What is your opinion on substances affecting the electronic music environment?

There are substances affecting any music environment. There are substances I am sure in the mpouzoukia, or other music scenes.,/p>

The best moment of your musical career?

A gig I had in Detroit in May 2008 for Girls Gone Vinyl party where the crowd embarrassed me. We had a connection that has lasted for many years now. A girl in tears came hugged me and thanked me. That was priceless. It was a great set, great mood, great sound.. Everything was magical.

Sale driven LP's are limited even when a record is a master-piece.Due to their passions, certain labels continue productions within their ideas. Is this a "business disaster"?

Im a vinyl lover and and I don’t believe vinyl is a “declined format” at all actually. As tool for djs more and more djs go back to vinyl; at least many djs I know from my circle. I not only buy records to dj in vinyl format, but this one past year I have been buying tons of records in vinyl, for my home listening pleasure and I much prefer them like that. Now, as far the labels concerned, I support any label that releases in vinyl BUT the past years I have seen many labels releasing tracks that are non sense and are not timeless, that eventually of course will have sales decline. The labels must be really careful on what they press on vinyl in order to maintain their sales and not release just because they want to release a vinyl or because they have the money to do so, but because the piece of music they are putting on those records is something that you can hear and play the year after and the year after giving it the best sound quality this media offers you. One thing I detest these days is those “300 copies limited releases” that is bullshit. The label should say that they can only afford to release 300 copies and that’s what they should do. All this “limited crap” makes me get bored and I don’t even bother to listen to these records."

What is your current project setting?

Im a lazy Greek. It takes me ages to do things. I am gonna work for a track for www.orila.net a DIY label from Athens that I have a special connection, and I’ll try to make more creative things when temperatures allow, like stay in and work on music.

Kyoob is film inspired. Describe a scene from a movie that you wish was part of your life.

I would like to be at the back secret room of Dirty Dancing where all the employees were dancing so sexy and sweaty each night.

Exclusive mix you have prepared for us! Tell us a bit about it.

It’s a story.. I tend to tell stories when I make a mix.. Hope you like my story this time.

EP5 - K9 IS - K.atou by Kyoob Label on Mixcloud


K8 IS : Freund der Familie - Klaus Rakete

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Freund der Familie - Klaus Rakete

"We never had the approach to create what everybody calls "underground music". And we think that there is no real border between commercial / underground music in these days. Everything is possible. Everything is permitted. Whether you like it or not."

Freund der Familie Berlin based label owners, Klaus Rakete bringing us an exclusive set and interview. Deep, dub techno with their own delightful approach to electronic music. A pure organic field of sounds...These guys are great!

As the heart of your label pumps minimal eccentric techno mystery with a dose of deep dub cuts, you manage to bring up front a collective unique approach to electronic underground music. Is Freund der Familie on these lines of approach and more?

We never had the approach to create what everybody calls "underground music". And we think that there is no real border between commercial / underground music in these days. Everything is possible. Everything is permitted. Whether you like it or not.

True knights of the vinyl print release. You cut vegetables, cook and dine on vinyl, but most importantly you have delicious sound bites on print. What is the cost of pressure it has had on you? Technology is pushing to evaporate classic formats into the memory lane. What do you have to say about that?

Mostly it is just a matter of time to find new ideas for the releases. There are so many possibilities left. Through our creative friends sometimes there are even too many ideas. Then it gets really difficult to find the right way.

Where is the drawer of sounds you keep secret? How do you manage to unlock creative ideas with the pressure of running a label and throwing parties?

There is no real pressure. We are really selective in releasing over the year, only if we are really behind it. The parties and the ideas to emerge are even more spontaneous. We do not want to specify or settle ourselves exactly how we do it with the music. We need progress.

Nowadays there seems to be a "war of words" between electronic music artists on how they approach Djing, or even music production methods. This seems to be a "comical expression" of how successful an individual is through time and over experience. What is your take on this view?

There are of course different approaches. Nowadays there is less complexity; it’s easier to get into the music anyway. However, this also increases the wideness and the quality inevitably declines. Basically, we do not care who produces what with software or hardware or like someone has designed his Dj set. Everyone has to decide this for themselves. We are, as you can see, perhaps, friends and supporters of vinyl. And that will never change.

How much inspiration does a great night of partying bring into your life the morning after?

It all depends on the party and the people. Usually we have the inspiration during the party, like recognizing that certain pieces of work have an impact on the people on dance floor… After the Party we need to relax and recover. ☺

What is the most valuable "ingredient" you have consumed from your local electronic music community?

Music is more than a series of tones.

Illustrative artwork embodies all of the vinyl releases on the label. What is the main objective behind this decision?

In the beginning we had no clear goal. Only a perspective. There was a desire to combine quality music and outstanding artwork. Later it turned out that many people like the label because of the artwork. It’s not about that they don’t like our music… they just have a different taste in music. And that is very important for us.

A software program you would like to destroy?

Any Tax Return Software!

You have an exclusive mix for kyoob.tv. Describe in a few words what it's all about.

A half-hour mix of deep, melodic and very slow tracks that depict a facet of our understanding of music.

Name one activity you love doing every day.

Read a good newspaper and a cup of good coffee.

Things you bring into creation that you "steal" from your love life?

;-) love life?

What does the near future hold for Freund Der Familie ?

There will be an FDF album in the beginning of 2013. This will be the next step for us after making music together for such a long time.And of course a lot of interesting EPs from our artist rooster e.g. Achim Maerz, Nyra, Sven Weisemann and so on …

EP4 - K8 IS - Freund der Familie by Kyoob Label on Mixcloud


K11 IS : Stelios Vassiloudis

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Stelios Vassiloudis

An exceptional electronic music Dj and producer in Greece, is Stelios Vassiloudis! With numerous tracks released on prestige labels, Stelios has gained a
 dynamic "voice" input on prolific Bedrock and Dieb Audio. His full length album "It Is What It Is", showcases a whirlpool of top notch electronica! Stelios Vassiloudis travels in every corner of the world, spreading his sounds and powerful Dj sets.We can continue talking endlessly, but let's jump straight to the news! We got an exclusive interview of Stelios Vassiloudis and a mix
set for you,  only on Kyoob.tv! Get ready for a new winter selection. This one should definitely not be missed!

Down to business. You were pursuing a dream-to be in a rock band.
Then, in the blink of an eye, you started producing electronic music. Was this route an "easier" instinct to feeding your desires?

Well, the transition wasn't quite so sudden as a blink of an eye. To be honest, my (then) production partner and I were just experimenting with new equipment and sounds and were lucky enough to get noticed pretty much from the get go. The combination of our modest initial success and the excitement of doing something new pretty much dictated our extended foray into making electronic music.

Rising into a fast pace recognition-connections. Who believed in your talent from the beginning?

I have to give credit to my really good friend Scott Dawson. He "discovered" my music back when he was running Audio Therapy for Dave Seaman and has looked after me and my music ever since. He now does the label management for Bedrock so it's been a very smooth and fruitful partnership.

You have lived in NYC. Describe the differences that exist between the electronic music here (NY) and Athens.

NYC and Athens have a vast amount of differences on many different levels-economic, social, cultural etc and I think that definitely informs most of the differences in electronic music and the industry surrounding it. On the flipside music, in general, is a very global and universal language so I think at the core, there are many similarities to be found as well... It's a very expansive question, I think.

You've spun music all over the world. Name one place you would rather not go again. Why?

I'm a sucker for traveling and I hugely enjoy seeing new places and people. I'm in awe of how many things there are to see and do out there beyond the confines of our own little routines. In that sense, every journey has been an experience and a reward so it's a tough one. However,if I were hard pressed, I'd say going to Siberia in the middle of winter is probably higher on the list of things to try and avoid!

You are a mac "fanatic". Using logic and all the sequencers bind with it- just to get more technical. What is one feature you would love to see added to the program, and are you one of those producers that use limiters while arranging to control headroom?

I tend to leave the majority of my channels pretty dry. I'm not a schooled engineer and I've always concentrated most on composition and arrangement so I'm well aware that any attempts to "fatten things up" or make an element "more punchy and defined in the mix" is probably going to create serious problems for the person mastering my music. 
As for Logic, I'd really like their audio editing to be a little more "logical" and perhaps they could improve their pitching and tuning processing a little more.

Music genres define scenes and people, especially when rejecting one sound and embracing another. Back and beyond those alternatives, what do you believe is current and what not?

I think I've gotten a little too old and jaded to care or keep track of what is current. Obviously, I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening around me in a professional sense-but as far as what music I make and play, it has to come from the heart. In general, I think good, original music with a soul is timeless. This is an especially important concept as today's listeners are growing increasingly fickle and impatient.

Ideal event you would love to see take place or create.

I'm very proud of my Greek heritage and believe (with as little bias as possible) that I live in one of the most beautiful little corners of the world. I'd really love to see a properly organized event that somehow combined a well balanced selection of music performances with some of our unique scenery.

You have an exclusive set for Kyoob.tv. What makes this one special?

Probably the fact that it's exclusive. I don't really get around to making many of them anymore.

Has love ever "demolished" your musical ambitions temporary?

Oh yes, and it was really unpleasant. I think every guy out there goes through it once-just to keep your ego in check and help you take a few important steps into adulthood. Getting back up and going back to work is a big lesson in my book.

Ever been inspired by a film and immediately draw sounds? if yes, what's that track of yours?

Not as much as one might think, I guess. I'm much more inspired by themes or motifs-or even the cue they are scoring... complete with the whole narrative and emotion they are conveying. On some level, I think I take that away and try to create some alternate musical underpinning-if that makes any sense!

EP6 - K11 - IS - Stelios Vassiloudis by Kyoob Label on Mixcloud

Ilia_Darlin_2 copy.jpg

K4 IS : Ilia Darlin

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Ilia Darlin :

"Love, love will tear us apart again"

Ilia Darlin opens up about her desires and personal enlightenment in an in- depth exclusive interview on kyoob.tv. Ilia Darlin has made appearances on world's top magazines, Major Greek TV shows such as Mad TV in Greece, and has also starred in the movie Art Therapy.She dwells in the fashion world and as one of the most promising major artists coming from Greece, she has already been labeled a 'pop icon' of the new age in Europe's Entertainment industry.

K 4 Interview Series : Ilia Darlin

Are you afraid of the social burning media hype, ephemeral in Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame?

I'm not being interested in being famous just for the sake of it.I'm portraying my art so I can communicate in a profound way with others.So my only fear is to fail to communicate.

You write your own songs. The stereotype of singer songwriter is dying out here in the States, just like the term Dj which is spun around like unprotected sex.Do you stand out? If yes- In your eyes, what's this element that makes you stand out?

Yes I sing and yes I write and co write my songs but I'm more of a story teller.I'm putting out my story with sound and image and I wish I could add a scent too.I don't know if I do or how I stand out but I know why I want to. I have a very lonely side which urges me to stand out so I can connect with people.

You are rising into a pop icon. Is that owed to the foreign marketing strategy mindset adopted by the labels that you work with?

I'm not yet in the position to say I'm rising into a pop icon and maybe this is due to the fact that my label hasn't applied any marketing strategies to launch me.The whole thing has progressed organically and I'm grateful and happy to say they've been very respectful to the way I see and I want to portray myself as an artist.On the other hand as I've said in the past,I'm a person of our times,as I live and get inspired by my environment.There is no parthenogenesis but different filtering and interpretation.

Love your fashion style! It's accompanied by great physic.One thing you hate to wear?

Turtlenecks!They make me feel claustrophobic.

Horrible car crash left you "paralyzed" from the waist down for two months.Thoughts which transformed you into a spiritual state?

The truth is that I wasn't "paralyzed" from a car accident but from a dislocation of my knee in a random moment.The pain was excruciating and I ended up punching the joint back to its place...Still the feeling of being unable to move was devastating.I had to depend on other people and it felt quite scary.It may sound cliche but we forget the importance of being healthy until something bad happens.I remember saying to myself that I should never forget the experience and that I should thank "God" for every single day I was alive and strong.

Love can never exist without naked beauty displayed- William Blake.Do you see yourself posing completely nude for a magazine in the near future?

"The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" William Blake,so why not?

You seem to be much loved by the gay artistic scene (participating in the pride parade and coining in for various gigs). Why is that?

I don't know,it's an organic mutual love.I think the gay community is composed by people who in their majority have been criticised a lot in their lives and are people who, because they have received criticism and know it's wrong,do not do it themselves.They're more open to any kind of incentive or nature.

What would you change in your love life right now?

Well it d be nice if I had one to begin with and then worry about making some changes.

What I like about you is that you resemble in your face beauty of rawness attitude with natural sexiness. What body features strike you as fascinating in others?

I think my derriere .I seem to get a lot of comments about it.My friends say it should have a career of its own.

You have an exclusive announcement here on kyoob.tv for your new single out…Tell your fans about it.

"Even when I lose" is going to be out in June and for me is a "healing" song.I felt quite betrayed at the time and very hurt.We were trying to write it and I was trying not to cry.Once the song was done,I felt so relieved and empowered.I hope when you guys listen to it and decide to move on from anything that you feel is keeping you down.At the end of the day life and relationships,of any kind,are difficult,the point is how we deal with them.

As a political chaos has erupted in Greece these days, I'd love to hear what you would do to end the mess...

I don't really know where I d start but one thing i believe is crucial for things to change is the psychology of Greek people right now.They've been humiliated and put down and it's only making the situation worse.Positive psychology is the key to win a battle.

Your favorite lyrics?

"Love,love will tear us apart again"

The phenomenon of Ilia Darlin. Share your thoughts as in a star light trip into the future of your personal desires.

Oh you shouldn't have gone there.I'm a freak.I want to do so many things.My overall desire though is to be happy and satisfied.To manage and cope with mydemons,passions and just enjoy the trip.

What transcends you to achieve your creative impulses?

There are these windows you know,it's like time stops and I connect with my real feeling.I tend to deny emotions until I feel safe to express them,which is not so often. I have a dual personality.One is very composed and disciplined and the other one is the absolut chaos.I create and perform under the influence of the chaotic one.

As a new film director, I see cinema as the language of life and so working with natural talent and new faces is a must to push boundaries. I would love to work with you in the near future in a lynch fashion, kubrick space pill trip in a wide eyes open, gasper noe void thrill.How would you respond/cope if I gave you a script that elevates acting freedom, but only posseses Barter-like methods?

If I understood correctly,Barter methods are similar to the Meisner ones?I'd be very excited.I'm very intrigued by the unpredictable ways the human mind can work and I believe such kind of projects can capture it.Pushing boundaries leads to evolution.

Are you a lucky little lady in the city of lights?

Yes I think I am.I truly believe though that we're the ones defining our own luck.It has to do with what we think we deserve to get in life.

Describe your daily routine from 1-5.

Fortunately I don't have a routine, everyday is different.It could be a shoot,a studio session,a work out(recently I discovered coretraining),meetings,anything.

"Even When I Lose I'm Winning" music video

9421_1170184133688_1200538239_30511420_215305_n copy.jpg
9421_1170184133688_1200538239_30511420_215305_n copy.jpg

K2 IS : Alex Kavvadias

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Alex Kavvadias:

Alex: "Wisdom is not just about using the mind..."

Kavvadias is a talented up-and-coming star in the Greek entertainment music industry who has been very successful as a lead singer of his former band Matisse, model and now solo artist. Though he has collaborated with many Greek artists in the past, his most recent one by far highlights his first solo release, as it is a rather rare collaboration that features the Greek folk poet artist and legend- Psaradonis. Now with the most recent release of his second single “Stop playing with my heart,” Alex Kavvadias, talks about his future plans and thoughts on the music and fashion world- only on kyoob.tv!

K 2 Interview Series : Alex Kavvadias

"Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard" is that true?

Wisdom is a product of enriching life experiences. It is kind of like taking a photograph. As Bresson would say "To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart". In other words, wisdom is not just about using the mind but it is about knowing through life experience that the true guide in life is reaching a point where I can integrate mind, heart, direction and willpower...

Do you think of yourself as an artist who delivers his passion for music according to a market, a portrayer of "icons" or as an artist who tries to break boundaries between underground art and main stream?

Ι have already said that I am not a supporter of the "labels" people tend to use in the art world. I am an artist full of worries, anxieties but also a huge appetite to discover new horizons. Of course I am interested in the market but this is not my driving force and it is not the axis around which I revolve. I do not like rules in art because art is ultimately related to and expresses our soul essence. When I smell and detect any sort of a rule I want to break it.

Former front man of the successful band Matisse and now solo, what contributed to the break up?

What guided me were the differences we had in terms of long term goals and dreams. If these were compatible and aligned I would still be in the band. I like team work. I did not leave Matisse out of a need to be alone.

Did appearing on the X Factor Greece have anything to do with going solo?

No, this was not at all related. My appearance was in the context of the promotion of our album with ‘Matisse’ at that time.

Your collaboration with famous greek folk musician and poet Psaradonis is quite unique. How did this happen?

It occurred randomly. Until it was actually completed I had not fully realized the importance of it. Let us not forget that Psarandonis is an artist who does not usually get involved in collaborations with others. He has done very few, one of which was with Nick Cave so I think that any further comments are unnecessary.

You've done many appearances in top fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Ferre...What would you say strikes you the most in the fashion world?

What strikes me the most is the determination of the people who work in the fashion industry. The time they dedicate and sacrifices they make to get the results they want. What also strikes me are the similarities with the music industry. I find that these two worlds, music and fashion industry, are interrelated. They work well together. In fact I think that one cannot exist without the other. They co-exist and bring beauty and excitement into a mundane reality. Good examples of this are the different fashion icons like David Bowie and Madonna who have left their mark in fashion and in music.

You have a new single out exclusive announcement here on kyoob.tv.Tell your audience a few words about it.

My new single " stop playing with my heart" with lyrics-music by Elliot is a new wave style song with rock and electro influences. I am excited with the outcome because we all worked with lots of love and commitment, which is why I hope people will like it as much as I do.

What's your ultimate vision for the future?

First of all, to do all the things that express me and to try out/experiment and be tested in as many music genres as possible.

Kavadias, any relation?

Unfortunately no relation.


K1 IS : Ladydust

Interview and photography by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Ladydust :

Right off the bat, how do you define the dust behind the lady?

That’s a really significant question. Well, the dust behind the lady is actually defined as the chaos of all those feelings created by the music result in the Ladydust dj sets or the effect of ‘planet ladydust’ broadcast in our souls.

Your vision towards a catharsis?

Another important issue. Ladydust is not only defined by the code of music, but is also related to an ultimate vision of breaking inherited human stereotypes. This is why the ‘freedom against gravity’ tagline, in the official ‘ladydust.com’ website, taking gravity (in its symbolic meaning) as the ultimate frontier. You could take this as my personal vision towards a catharsis-yes.

After listening to your last radio show for the first time last year on planet ladydust I found it uniquely satisfying. Was it your focus on cinema that you had to cancel the radio show?

Well, cinema definitely requires a lot of focus, but what made me actually cancel the show (in the fm) was the political corruption of the greek radio carriers which were hosting it. It is generally difficult to be doing such stuff in a country where smaller or bigger interests are only ruling the scenery almost behind everything,including art.

What makes you feel good?

What definitely makes me feel good are my friends and noticing good motives in people around.

Anything you learned about yourself collaborating with the director of the short film Denousa? Describe your experience.

(laughing) I learned or maybe ‘verified’ the fact that things in life are not only happening as a result of our efforts on a specific theme, but as a general result of our whole lifetime inner motives & visions. I say this cause I think this is what happened with this particular project ’denousa’.

How do you envision originality?

Originality is the shape of those motives again that I mentioned before. For me, it’s also that specific field which is in time & in a mathematically correct way, the actual source of justice in our lives & therefore ‘connects the dots’ in the whole process.

There are tremendous changes happening in the art scene of Athens...What would you say is "dying" and what is "thriving"?

There are tremendous changes indeed in Greece right now, not only in the art scene, almost everywhere. But I do not believe that all this folk domestic culture will disappear in a magical way- this wouldn’t be my ultimate dream, as many might wrongly guess. For me ‘aesthetics’ anyway, is not something το be so much criticized, as long as it doesn’t reflect on a wrong mentality in stuff. The problem of course here, is that it does in most cases, at least as far as I can notice. Music and art generally are supposed to be things that ‘stand alone’, yet we have to admit, that this is not the case and it’s a fact, standing everywhere & in all historical periods.T hey are often deeply connected with the people’s outlook on the world, therefore they also stand as a ‘shelter’. What I am saying is, that if I had to choose, I’d rather wish to make the wrong theories vanish, behind a trash culture, not the code itself, which for me is just another form of ‘expression’ no matter if I like it or not. Now, as for whatever cool comes more from the international scenery in art & struggles for its ‘place’ in this land, I think there’s still a lot of time & road ahead, before it can really get incorporated in the local market, not to mention the local minds. Greeks are kind of xenophobic in those matters.Taking as an example the rock n’roll field (in its broader meaning of course) even if some few here can give ‘credits’ in its code, still even fewer of them will be able to conceive & use it a true lifestyle & heart pattern & not as a ‘public relations’ cooler attitude, if you know what I mean.

You have created an exclusive radio mix only for Kyoob.tv.
In a few words, what would you like to tell your audience about it?

Well, this radio mix is based on music & playlists of ‘Planet Ladydust’ broadcast & has a lot of references on the latest psychedelic –electronic scene of New York too.Talking about bands like ‘Zaza’,’The Former Ghosts’ etc.There are also references in nu –gaze, post rock & other ‘species’.

One place other than Greece?

A place other than ‘Greece’..the whole world. Could be anywhere, but ok, having obviously strong preference in places with music & cinema industry. That’s for me though. For Ladydust, the only place is ..her ‘planet’!

Yeah, thanks a lot for the nice interview too.