K4 IS : Ilia Darlin

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Ilia Darlin :

"Love, love will tear us apart again"

Ilia Darlin opens up about her desires and personal enlightenment in an in- depth exclusive interview on kyoob.tv. Ilia Darlin has made appearances on world's top magazines, Major Greek TV shows such as Mad TV in Greece, and has also starred in the movie Art Therapy.She dwells in the fashion world and as one of the most promising major artists coming from Greece, she has already been labeled a 'pop icon' of the new age in Europe's Entertainment industry.

K 4 Interview Series : Ilia Darlin

Are you afraid of the social burning media hype, ephemeral in Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame?

I'm not being interested in being famous just for the sake of it.I'm portraying my art so I can communicate in a profound way with others.So my only fear is to fail to communicate.

You write your own songs. The stereotype of singer songwriter is dying out here in the States, just like the term Dj which is spun around like unprotected sex.Do you stand out? If yes- In your eyes, what's this element that makes you stand out?

Yes I sing and yes I write and co write my songs but I'm more of a story teller.I'm putting out my story with sound and image and I wish I could add a scent too.I don't know if I do or how I stand out but I know why I want to. I have a very lonely side which urges me to stand out so I can connect with people.

You are rising into a pop icon. Is that owed to the foreign marketing strategy mindset adopted by the labels that you work with?

I'm not yet in the position to say I'm rising into a pop icon and maybe this is due to the fact that my label hasn't applied any marketing strategies to launch me.The whole thing has progressed organically and I'm grateful and happy to say they've been very respectful to the way I see and I want to portray myself as an artist.On the other hand as I've said in the past,I'm a person of our times,as I live and get inspired by my environment.There is no parthenogenesis but different filtering and interpretation.

Love your fashion style! It's accompanied by great physic.One thing you hate to wear?

Turtlenecks!They make me feel claustrophobic.

Horrible car crash left you "paralyzed" from the waist down for two months.Thoughts which transformed you into a spiritual state?

The truth is that I wasn't "paralyzed" from a car accident but from a dislocation of my knee in a random moment.The pain was excruciating and I ended up punching the joint back to its place...Still the feeling of being unable to move was devastating.I had to depend on other people and it felt quite scary.It may sound cliche but we forget the importance of being healthy until something bad happens.I remember saying to myself that I should never forget the experience and that I should thank "God" for every single day I was alive and strong.

Love can never exist without naked beauty displayed- William Blake.Do you see yourself posing completely nude for a magazine in the near future?

"The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" William Blake,so why not?

You seem to be much loved by the gay artistic scene (participating in the pride parade and coining in for various gigs). Why is that?

I don't know,it's an organic mutual love.I think the gay community is composed by people who in their majority have been criticised a lot in their lives and are people who, because they have received criticism and know it's wrong,do not do it themselves.They're more open to any kind of incentive or nature.

What would you change in your love life right now?

Well it d be nice if I had one to begin with and then worry about making some changes.

What I like about you is that you resemble in your face beauty of rawness attitude with natural sexiness. What body features strike you as fascinating in others?

I think my derriere .I seem to get a lot of comments about it.My friends say it should have a career of its own.

You have an exclusive announcement here on kyoob.tv for your new single out…Tell your fans about it.

"Even when I lose" is going to be out in June and for me is a "healing" song.I felt quite betrayed at the time and very hurt.We were trying to write it and I was trying not to cry.Once the song was done,I felt so relieved and empowered.I hope when you guys listen to it and decide to move on from anything that you feel is keeping you down.At the end of the day life and relationships,of any kind,are difficult,the point is how we deal with them.

As a political chaos has erupted in Greece these days, I'd love to hear what you would do to end the mess...

I don't really know where I d start but one thing i believe is crucial for things to change is the psychology of Greek people right now.They've been humiliated and put down and it's only making the situation worse.Positive psychology is the key to win a battle.

Your favorite lyrics?

"Love,love will tear us apart again"

The phenomenon of Ilia Darlin. Share your thoughts as in a star light trip into the future of your personal desires.

Oh you shouldn't have gone there.I'm a freak.I want to do so many things.My overall desire though is to be happy and satisfied.To manage and cope with mydemons,passions and just enjoy the trip.

What transcends you to achieve your creative impulses?

There are these windows you know,it's like time stops and I connect with my real feeling.I tend to deny emotions until I feel safe to express them,which is not so often. I have a dual personality.One is very composed and disciplined and the other one is the absolut chaos.I create and perform under the influence of the chaotic one.

As a new film director, I see cinema as the language of life and so working with natural talent and new faces is a must to push boundaries. I would love to work with you in the near future in a lynch fashion, kubrick space pill trip in a wide eyes open, gasper noe void thrill.How would you respond/cope if I gave you a script that elevates acting freedom, but only posseses Barter-like methods?

If I understood correctly,Barter methods are similar to the Meisner ones?I'd be very excited.I'm very intrigued by the unpredictable ways the human mind can work and I believe such kind of projects can capture it.Pushing boundaries leads to evolution.

Are you a lucky little lady in the city of lights?

Yes I think I am.I truly believe though that we're the ones defining our own luck.It has to do with what we think we deserve to get in life.

Describe your daily routine from 1-5.

Fortunately I don't have a routine, everyday is different.It could be a shoot,a studio session,a work out(recently I discovered coretraining),meetings,anything.

"Even When I Lose I'm Winning" music video