Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Ilaria Pozzi

“I like the Greek goddess of chaos Eris and the Roman goddess Fortuna…. but I think with Isis originally from an Egyptian cult, she’s the goddess of moon, magic and love!”


llaria Pozzi is a top alternative model who uses her body as an art form to display a renaissance of blissful colors. She has appeared on very selective world known magazines and has worked with some of the greatest photo artists in the modeling industry. Currently, she is also working at a unique micro dermal piercing studio in Italy.

I got in touch with Ilaria for an exclusive one-on-one in depth interview, as she is very selective with whom she chooses to be interviewed.

K 6 Interview Series : Ilaria Pozzi


Ilaria Pozzi is a visual body artist who displays playful fine art that tingles the viewer’s blissful sensations through amazing photo synthesis. Anything I got wrong here?

Nothing… I agree!

Are the images created by the needle engravings and ink spirals into the blood stream customized from your inner feelings as a form of expression?

Yes it’s a form of expression, I’m glad that it’s my job but not always i can express myself like I want.. but I try to do it every day.

You inked your skin for the first time at the tender age of 14. What was the design and what was the reaction of your parents at the time?

Was a decoration on my belly.My parents were quiet because it was pretty small.

What is the philosophy you engage into your daily life?

Try to do what you like and be happy with what you have.

Do you have any secret rituals you perform before entering the doors of a tattoo artist’s parlor?

A cup of milk and coffee (Italian caffe latte) at the closest bar.

Do you get any unpredictable offers that might annoy you?

Ahahahhahah… this message from a guy on FB.

Sembra che tu sia sempre più pornoromantica - Are you?

Yes… Everywhere!

Tell me more about just pierced skin?

It’s my piercer portfolio, pics of piercings or microdermals that I did.

Flower power and the Lady of Mystery. Do you co- exist on these tag lines?

Both?? Yes…why not?

The Romans adopted tattooing from the Greeks and their women were fascinated by the idea as exotic beauty. Which goddess would you identify with and why?

I like the greek goddess of chaos Eris and the roman goddess Fortuna….but I think with Isis originally from an egyptian cult, she’s the goddess of moon, magic and love!

Would you ever film an erotic featurette?

Yes,of course private.

How much effect did your studies have on your work?

I think some, I did artistic studies and I started to draw naked statues at the age of 14 and naked people at 16, so maybe I try to see over in the photos of nudes.

Love is essential, what is the most important factor in your love life?

Respect, trust, fun…and good sex.

How do you overcome fears?

Laughing about them.

Most bizarre moment in your modeling career?

Many, recently I shoot with a snake and a parrot and you can imagine what can happened with the animals but I think the best is at the shootings or videos made outdoor, sometimes the people around saw me doing strange things, with a strange style or with not many clothes and they go crazy!

Seems like all the women you admire are dead… Who’s alive?


Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo…beviamo ai tempi divertenti!


Photography by Fulvio Maiani, Gabriele Rigon, Giorgia Borneto, Marco Onofri, Iloveyouwhenyousmile