K5 IS : Evangelia Christakou

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Evangelia Christakou :

"I like the light and I like the darkness. Darkness feeds my soul and the light feeds by mind"

Evangelia Christakou resides in London where she pursues a career in performing art. She has showcased her work in many known festivals in Europe. Her love for visual arts and the unknown are also present in her aura and her demonstration of illusive picture frames on screen.

K 4 Interview Series : Evangelia Christakou

Diving into darkness to expose an umbrella of light?

I like the light and I like the darkness. Darkness feeds my soul and the light feeds by mind. I find the image of a light bursting into the darkness quite intriguing.

In combining different art forms do you absorb waves of inspiration from an inexplicable force of nature or through a secret pumping source of personal experiences?

The secret source you mention is always essential to my work. It might sound sadist but I do like to “manipulate” my audience emotionally and so I tend to relive, in an indirect way, personal experiences on stage in order to communicate that emotion. The emotional waves I generate in that way are stronger. The experimental nature of my performances and films is the outcome from the formulation of random images in my head through personal experience, usually “dark” ones. Nature, the human body, movement, sound, passion are the triggers.

Sexual and ritualistic themes embody some of your work. What feeds your desires?

The need to discover the unknown which pops out from the subconscious.

Contemporary arts have been using religious subjects lately to pin point opposition in beliefs. Do you find freedom in expression as a gold plate for artists or a non linear way to expand on personal recognition with the use of taboo material?

There are many trends you can follow in art making and especially in live performance and film. If there is a genuine need to explore a taboo area then one should not hesitate. Eventually, it will show in the work whether this expression really comes from within.

As an artist you have performed in a number of well known festivals. Which one of these festivals would you say was a "whisper of happiness"? Which one made you say, "Here I am. Why?"

Good question. I tend to judge the outcome of an experience. You never know what response you will receive from the audience. So far I have never felt awkward performing somewhere. Each and every one of the experiences was 100% satisfactory.

Nudism is the absolute expression of the human body. What provokes your thoughts before a performance show?

Personally, I find that movement is the absolute expression of the human body. Movement combined with nudism is...beyond absolute! If you are asking right before the show, nothing specifically. I tend to indulge in the presence of other people, the audience.

Romanesque designs with neopagan elements seem to be identified in your works. Is that a natural approach to your personal tastes or a developed idea from your London years?

The ritual and spiritual have always been in the centre of my imagination, stimulation, emotion and expression...I find them compelling. I suppose that I have adopted a particular energy throughout my childhood years. My homeland, Crete, is a rather stimulating place of unbelievable nature, beauty and history. I always remember that some of the first images to penetrate my mind and imagination were those of the frescos from the Minoan civilization... They were emitting a strange sense of sensuality and class.

Lola's bad is a collaborated project. What's the dose of creative shots you spill in this band?

It is interesting that you ask this. I am not a musician, I am a performer and I think that my contribution to this band lies on the communication of an essence, a feeling. Bat, the fellow band member in this duet, has mentioned that he enjoys working with me because I bring the chaos to the melodies he writes. I personally believe that I bring the emotion and the vision free from convention.

Do Greeks seem to identify positive elements in provocative arts shows? How about in your shows?

The Greek audience loves provocative shows. But I also think that there is a strong bias in the Greek audience, each spectator for his own reasons, but it is there. I am happy to say that I have unexpectedly received a rather positive feedback in my shows despite the fact that they are very experimental and sometimes provocative.

With discipline follows structural formula to a focus matter. In what way do you challenge yourself beyond disciplinary ideology? I don’t possess any disciplinary ideology. I don’t like to follow rules when I create art. I have a vision and I will work towards it intuitively and with everything I got. Mixed media performance gives you that freedom.

Aldous Huxley's book "Heaven and Hell" has an excerpt that "meditates" on the thought that lack of nutrients can enhance the experience of visions. What is the vision you ultimately see for the future of your career?

“I'm afraid of losing my obscurity. Genuineness only thrives in the dark. Like celery.” ― Aldous Huxley

Name all the things you want in one sentence.

God and devil on a seesaw.