presents Denousa

A short film by Panagioti Venetsano

Time is still. Silence is everything.


The film unfolds and uncovers the utopia and dystopia of an unknown island from a surreal and comical strange perspective. With unknown footage and a gonzo abstract journalism, "Denousa" illustrates a mysterious experimental film and shines an insight to the home island of the aspiring director, from an angle that is quite different in realm.
It is a telescopic graphic scenery trip on one of the smallest populated islands on earth. Its wild script illuminates an instant feel at place and space, and its raw audio and visual cascade sets a tranquil soundscape.
Through a blend of an unorthodox and non-systematic approach to storytelling, the film personifies images in a non-linear and rather alternative language.
With a depiction of an insecure realization of the presence of time, of 'being', and the consequences of never-ending desire, the audience will be swept away to an oblivious part of a universe.

Time is still. Silence is everything.