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K2 IS : Alex Kavvadias

Interview by Panagioti Venetsano

Exclusive Interview with Alex Kavvadias:

Alex: "Wisdom is not just about using the mind..."

Kavvadias is a talented up-and-coming star in the Greek entertainment music industry who has been very successful as a lead singer of his former band Matisse, model and now solo artist. Though he has collaborated with many Greek artists in the past, his most recent one by far highlights his first solo release, as it is a rather rare collaboration that features the Greek folk poet artist and legend- Psaradonis. Now with the most recent release of his second single “Stop playing with my heart,” Alex Kavvadias, talks about his future plans and thoughts on the music and fashion world- only on kyoob.tv!

K 2 Interview Series : Alex Kavvadias

"Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard" is that true?

Wisdom is a product of enriching life experiences. It is kind of like taking a photograph. As Bresson would say "To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart". In other words, wisdom is not just about using the mind but it is about knowing through life experience that the true guide in life is reaching a point where I can integrate mind, heart, direction and willpower...

Do you think of yourself as an artist who delivers his passion for music according to a market, a portrayer of "icons" or as an artist who tries to break boundaries between underground art and main stream?

Ι have already said that I am not a supporter of the "labels" people tend to use in the art world. I am an artist full of worries, anxieties but also a huge appetite to discover new horizons. Of course I am interested in the market but this is not my driving force and it is not the axis around which I revolve. I do not like rules in art because art is ultimately related to and expresses our soul essence. When I smell and detect any sort of a rule I want to break it.

Former front man of the successful band Matisse and now solo, what contributed to the break up?

What guided me were the differences we had in terms of long term goals and dreams. If these were compatible and aligned I would still be in the band. I like team work. I did not leave Matisse out of a need to be alone.

Did appearing on the X Factor Greece have anything to do with going solo?

No, this was not at all related. My appearance was in the context of the promotion of our album with ‘Matisse’ at that time.

Your collaboration with famous greek folk musician and poet Psaradonis is quite unique. How did this happen?

It occurred randomly. Until it was actually completed I had not fully realized the importance of it. Let us not forget that Psarandonis is an artist who does not usually get involved in collaborations with others. He has done very few, one of which was with Nick Cave so I think that any further comments are unnecessary.

You've done many appearances in top fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Ferre...What would you say strikes you the most in the fashion world?

What strikes me the most is the determination of the people who work in the fashion industry. The time they dedicate and sacrifices they make to get the results they want. What also strikes me are the similarities with the music industry. I find that these two worlds, music and fashion industry, are interrelated. They work well together. In fact I think that one cannot exist without the other. They co-exist and bring beauty and excitement into a mundane reality. Good examples of this are the different fashion icons like David Bowie and Madonna who have left their mark in fashion and in music.

You have a new single out exclusive announcement here on kyoob.tv.Tell your audience a few words about it.

My new single " stop playing with my heart" with lyrics-music by Elliot is a new wave style song with rock and electro influences. I am excited with the outcome because we all worked with lots of love and commitment, which is why I hope people will like it as much as I do.

What's your ultimate vision for the future?

First of all, to do all the things that express me and to try out/experiment and be tested in as many music genres as possible.

Kavadias, any relation?

Unfortunately no relation.